New Sleep Spray Promises A Good Night’s Rest ‘When You Need It Most’

When it comes to being at one’s best during the day, there’s nothing as important as a good night’s sleep, a fact that most people would agree on.

A new product on the market, designed and produced by Silicon Valley startup Sprayable, promises a great night’s sleep and comes in the form of a small spray bottle called “Sprayable Sleep.”

The product, which is the first of its kind on the market, is a melatonin based spray which apparently helps a person to fall asleep naturally and wake up refreshed.

The creators of Sprayable Sleep, Ben Yu, 22, and his partner Devan Soni, 35, claim that the effectiveness of the hormone in the pill form could be lost to the digestive process, but this doesn’t happen with the spray,

“Sprayable gives you the exact level of melatonin you need (often 30 times less than you ingest with pills) and delivers it gradually over time – mimicking how your body naturally produces and uses melatonin. Sprayable Sleep puts you in control of your sleep. Whether you’re traveling and have jet lag or are working the night shift, Sprayable will help you get sleep when you want so you’re refreshed and alert when you need it most.”

Each little handy bottle contains 60 sprays, which is thirty uses or a month’s supply with daily use.

The spray comprises three main ingredients; melatonin, tyrosine and distilled water. All you need to do is to spray some on your neck just an hour before you go to bed and wait for the deep, relaxing sleep to set in.

According to Yu, the new product is already getting lots of support. “This is just incredible. We can’t believe all the support we’re getting. We are truly floored by all the support, kind words, and backers.”

Nevertheless, Yu agreed that being reliant on the Sprayable Sleep is not a good thing. “You try to live your life as well as you can without these things, you try to limit artificial light and get enough sleep. But in those times where you can’t, or you travel and you have jet lag, it’s the perfect time to use something like this to really train your body to get back on schedule.”