Most Popular Super Bowl Party Food: Wings, Chili, Nachos, And Dip Recipes Are NFL Fan Favorites

Super Bowl Sunday is not a good day to start your diet, especially if you’re hosting a game day party. Wings, chili, nachos, and dips are the most popular foods to make for the biggest football game of the year, so start your diet another day and make a winning lineup of grub to serve during the Patriots vs Seahawks game.

Let’s start with chicken wings, a must-have for the big game. While pizza tops the list when it comes to dialing up for delivery on Super Bowl Sunday, it’s hard to deny that wings are one of the most popular appetizers to make for tailgating or at-home parties. In fact, the National Chicken Council states that over 1.25 billion wings were eaten during last year’s Super Bowl — that’s a whole lotta wings.

Make a variety of wings, from mild to hot, to keep everyone at your party happy. The Food Network has 50 party wings recipes that are sure to please even the pickiest guest. Try the old standby, buffalo wings, and then try something new like slow cooker spicy moroccan, beer-battered, chili-ranch, or cajun buttermilk wings.

Chili is always a hit at Super Bowl parties, especially for Patriots fans who are still shoveling out from a massive Northeast blizzard. Whether you make chili in a slow cooker or in a big pot on the stove, it’s a great way to warm up before the game starts. Head on over to the Food Network to find 13 (lucky number?) delicious chili recipes, including classic chili con carne, ranch style turkey chili, and steak fajita chili.

Today ranked nachos number one for the best use of tortilla chips on Super Bowl Sunday. Of course, you’ll want to have number one food to go along with your number one team, so try one or more of the delicious recipes for nachos from the Casa Blanca Restaurant’s blog. Best bets? Loaded beef or chicken nachos and Southwest veggie nachos.

Dip recipes are the easiest appetizer to make for any party, and as long as there’s no double-dipping, everyone will be happy. Buffalo chicken dip is by far one of the most popular dip recipes around, so make enough for a crowd.

Other dips to try include the Clumsy Gourmet’s Cheesy Spinach Bacon Dip and Jalapeno Popper Dip from Kitchen Meets Girl. Need more dip recipes? A report previously published by the Inquisitr has several quick and easy dip recipes, including hot pepperoni dip and seven layer Mexican dip with fresh guacamole.

What are your favorite Super Bowl party foods?

[Images: Philly Mag]