Bring Breastfeeding Back to Sesame Street! 4,500 Sign Petition [Video]

Have you noticed a serious lack of breastfeeding on Sesame Street? More than 4,500 people have noticed and have signed “Bring Breastfeeding Back to Sesame Street Petition.”

The group says that Sesame Street used to tastefully show breastfeeding on its show. But nowadays babies on Sesame Street are only fed by bottles.

The petition reads:

“Back in the 70’s and 80’s nursing was tastefully shown on the show but now they have replaced their nursing videos with bottles…. If we normalize breastfeeding in our community, especially with our children, we can help raise a generation of breastfeeders which will support our economy, make for healthier children and lessen the risk of breast cancer for many nursing mamas!”

And in case you don’t believe the breastfeeders group, here’s a video of Buffy explaining breastfeeding to Big Bird.

The Huffington Post notes that the “You’re My Baby” video included breast feeding when it was released in the 1980s. The video was later edited to only include bottles.

“You’re My Baby” original video.

“You’re My Baby” edited video.

Do you think society has a problem with breastfeeding? Maybe it’s just Sesame Street that has a problem with breasts…

Last year, the children’s show banned a video of Katy Perry and Elmo singing “Hot N Cold” because Perry’s outfit showed a little too much cleavage.

Should Sesame Street bring back breastfeeding?