Bernese Mountain Dog ‘Quinn The Berner’ Slides Down Ice, Video Goes Viral On YouTube And Instagram [Video]

On YouTube, the video is titled “Quinn the Bernese Puppy + Ice + Slow-Mo,” and it has already received more than 200,000 views after having been published on January 25. Quinn’s owner, TJ, may or may not have expected this heavy viral reaction to Quinn playing in the snow, with crazy coordination that makes her paws flail all over the place, and makes viewers want to share Quinn’s @QuinnTheBerner Instagram handle all across the web. The video was initially posted to the Instagram account four days ago, on January 24, and was uploaded to YouTube the following day. The Instagram video has received more than 1,000 likes, and contains a simple description about the puppy’s first lesson about the slipperiness of ice.

@QuinnTheBerner learning all about ice.”

WABC-TV New York called the video adorable, as the Bernese puppy sliding down the ice captures plenty of hearts and views at the same time. “Quinn the Berner” is actually five months old, and the Bernese mountain dog also reportedly lives with with TJ Parker at Loon Mountain in New Hampshire, reports ABC, in direct contrast to the dog’s Instagram description. The best part of the slow motion video is Quinn seemingly sliding out of control across the patch of ice as she begins to lose balance with her big body and begins sliding down the street.

“She went from freaking out in shock to pure bliss.”

Parker told ABC News that Quinn’s emotions were all over the place during her epic slid down the icy hill. They are a range of emotions that can be witnessed on the dog’s face during the viral video.

As reported by the Inquisitr, cute YouTube videos containing puppies, like the puppy, wolf, and Clydesdale horses in the 2015 Budweiser Super Bowl ‘Lost Dog’ ad tend to go viral.

[Image via Quinn the Berner Instagram account]