Erin Paine Baby Bump: ‘Bringing Up Bates’ Star Shares New Photo, Talks Blessings

Bringing Up Bates fans were overjoyed for Erin Bates and Chad Paine in the last episode when it was discovered that they were expecting a baby. Viewers know that Erin and Chad have had a challenging journey in their efforts to build a family, but now the news is out that they have a new baby on the way. While the news was fresh for viewers, Chad and Erin’s recent Instagram post shows that they’ve been holding onto this exciting news for a bit now.

Chad and Erin Paine shared a photo via Instagram showing Erin’s baby bump. She’s definitely showing quite a bit, and it’s clear from the smile on her face that she’s blissfully happy about this pregnancy. She notes that they are thrilled beyond words and that every day brings a bit more excitement. From the sounds of things, she’ll be excitedly sharing many more updates with followers and fans over the coming months.

After sharing the news in last week’s episode of Bringing Up Bates, Erin shared via the family blog that she’s relieved the episode has finally aired so that she and Chad can share their exciting news with everybody. She says that they have learned a lot in the past year as they worked through the painful journey of their first pregnancy loss, and hearing their baby’s heartbeat was one of the most beautiful moments of their lives.

Though the next episode airing Thursday doesn’t sound as if it will focus much on Chad and Erin’s pregnancy, she teased that there is more to come in this next week. According to TV Guide, Thursday’s episode is titled “Nashville Son,” and viewers will follow Lawson as he heads to Nashville to meet with a music executive and vocal coach. In addition, the family will work on planting a fall garden, but things get challenging when too many people’s opinions are voiced.

This is an exciting time for the Bringing Up Bates family, as they welcomed their first grandson via Zach and Whitney Bates last October, and also have a new granddaughter on the way via Alyssa Bates and her husband, John Webster. Fans are thrilled to see that Erin and Chad Paine are joining in on the fun and cannot wait for more updates and photos as they move through their pregnancy.

Bringing Up Bates airs new episodes Thursday nights on UP TV.

[Image via Erin and Chad Paine’s Instagram]