Amy Duggar’s Boyfriend, Dillon King, Hospitalized After Head-On Collision [Photos]

Amy Duggar had quite the scare last week after her boyfriend, Dillon King, was hospitalized following a head-on collision. Amy posted photos to her Instagram account following the ordeal. Fortunately for King, it appears he is being well cared for by the doting Duggar.

Amy says that King was hit when someone drove directly into his lane at approximately 45 mph. He was taken to the hospital, where he suffered a broken femur that required an 18-inch rod to be placed in his leg.

Amy Duggar's boyfriend in car crash
Photo posted to Amy Duggar's Instagram account following her boyfriend's car crash.

“Well God spared his life!! He has a broken femur, he has an 18 inch rod in his leg! He had a head on collision yesterday, someone drove directly into his lane and hit him at 45mph.. Pray for a fast recovery! He is so loved by so many. [sic]”

Amy also posted a plethora of photos of the pair as she cared for Dillon through the week. It seems King had his girlfriend by his side throughout the entire ordeal. In fact, Amy noted that she brought bible study to Dillon’s hospital room, pink heart socks and all.

Amy notes the hospital room requires socks as the floor is too cold. "Happy socks on a cold hospital floor ... Bible study with Dill this morning!:) Thank you for all the prayers."

Amy also was sure to stay by Dillon’s side throughout the night in case he woke up and wanted someone to talk to in the wee hours.

Amy Duggar captioned her photo on Instagram that the pair was having an in-hospital date night. "Just in case he wakes up in the middle of the night I'll be here to talk :) #bigbangtheorymarathon #hospitaldatenight"

Fortunately, according to Amy’s Instagram account, Dillon is feeling much better. Amy notes that he is “doing much better” thanks to the “power of prayer.”

“True love isn’t found, it’s built. He is doing so much better! Oh the power of prayer! God is so good!”

Though King is feeling much better, it seems that his leg certainly has a lot of healing left to do.

Amy Duggar's boyfriend
Photo of Dillon King's swollen leg from Amy Duggar's Instagram account.

Amy Duggar and Dillon King are currently dating in a more mainstream fashion, as Amy does not prescribe to the Duggar family’s rules on courting. In fact, Amy Duggar has already kissed her beau. However, even though there are differences in the style of dating that Amy has chosen over the other Duggar girls, it seems that faith still plays a large part in Amy’s day-to-day life, such as bringing bible study to the hospital for her injured man.