Polaroid SC1630 Digital Camera Brings Android Power To Photo Taking [Video]

Polaroid on Tuesday rolled out the Polaroid SC1630, a digital “smart camera” powered by the Google Android system.

The SC1630 features a 16-megapixel camera with 3x optical camera and touchscreen display with built-in Wi-Fi however where it really shines is in it’s ability to connect to various social networks and geo-tag pictures on the fly.

Polaroid has also revealed video recording and the ability to auto-organize images in the camera based on date, location or faces.

While the camera operates much in the same way as standard point-and-click camera’s it’s the Android homescreen that offers a “dock” and “apps” options that really set it apart from other camera manufacturers. For example users can get directions, play games and download various other apps from the Android Market just as they would on their Android powered Smartphone.

According to Polaroid the camera comes set with 18 camera modes, smile and face detection for picture taking and a set of editing tools that can help users crop images, remove red-eye, resize photos directly from the camera and even use color correction. Editing, app navigation and other features are all performed from the devices 3.2-inch color touchscreen.

For photography fans who take a lot of photos the camera also supports micro-SD cards up to 32GB.

For even more connectivity the company offers Bluetooth transferring for images and videos along with an optional 3G data connection.

As promised here’s a hands on video of the phone from the team at AndroidCentral:

Pricing and a release date have not been announced however the Android powered camera is expected to arrive sometime in 2012.

Here’s a closer look at the Android powered touchscreen in action:

Polaroid Android Powered Smart Camera

Does the Polaroid SC1630 digital point-and-shoot camera with Google Android pique your interest?