A Puppy, Wolf And Clydesdale Horses: 2015 Budweiser Super Bowl Commercial ‘Lost Dog’ Goes Viral #BestBuds [Video]

The video titled “2015 Budweiser Super Bowl Commercial ‘Lost Dog | Budweiser #BestBuds” shows all kinds of cuteness. USA Today claims the Super Bowl puppy and horse video will make you cry. Either way, the video that was published on January 28 to the Budweiser YouTube account is receiving all sorts of buzz in the wake of the video upload, especially after viewers see the adorable puppy getting lost — at least his owner thinks his puppy is lost as he hands out those “lost dog” fliers everywhere. But the Super Bowl puppy star is actually on the hunt for his “best bud,” one of those famous Clydesdale horses — a group of horses that ends up saving the dirty puppy from a nefarious wolf in the end.

As a sign of its popularity, YouTube has currently given the video their standard 301+ views that they give those videos going viral at the moment. With lilting and appropriate music called “I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)” performed by Sleeping At Last, no wonder Budweiser’s 2015 Super Bowl XLIX commercial “Lost Dog” #BestBuds is receiving so much attention today. We first learned of it during the morning carpool drive — and when folks on the street or around you are speaking about the word-of-mouth buzz that certain Super Bowl commercials have going on, you know those are usually going to be a hit.

Alexa.com is reporting that USA Today‘s link to the puppy Super Bowl video is one of the most popular URLs on the Internet as of this writing, and Time notes that the Budweiser Super Bowl ‘Lost Puppy’ Ad proves the rumors were false that claimed Budweiser was getting rid of their Clydesdale horses for the 2015 Super Bowl spot. Instead, Budweiser has delved deeper into using their signature horses to tug at our heartstrings even more, by bringing back that cute lost puppy in a valiant show of horses saving a puppy from a hungry wolf.

This Budweiser commercial isn’t getting the backlash that GoDaddy’s commercial received, whereby their little lost puppy makes it home just in time to find out that his owner has sold him via a website she built using GoDaddy.com.

As reported by the Inquisitr, Super Bowl ads like this lost puppy commercial — as well as the poignant Super Bowl commercial that addresses domestic abuse — are gaining the eyes of the nation days before the big game actually begins.

Have you watched Budweiser’s 2015 Super Bowl XLIX commercial? What do you think of the “Lost Dog” #BestBuds ad?

[Image via Super Bowl puppy ad]