Judge Taken 3 Because It’s A Bad Film – Not By Neeson’s Comments About Guns

Taken 3 has done extremely well at the box office. This despite the film’s producers striking out with a trifecta of sub-par performances in Taken 3’s writing, directing, and acting departments. Read any sane review of the movie out there for the depressing details.

The Manila Standard Today reported that Taken 3 is number one at the box office in the Phillipines and the film has earned a very respectable $161.8 million thus far in 2015. Earlier in January, Taken 3 even snatched away the top spot from The Hobbit: The Battle of The Five Armies, which had been enjoying a three-week run, according to the Inquisitr.

Even with Taken 3 star Liam Neeson’s comments about there being too many guns in America, there is absolutely no evidence whatsoever that the curiously touchy statement made by PARA USA – the company that supplied guns for the Taken 3 film – had a negative impact on Taken 3’s bottom line or the actor’s odds of wielding a gun in another Taken sequel or any other future role. If anything, PARA USA may have inadvertently provided more buzz for a movie that doesn’t deserve any accolades, let alone the barrels of cash rolling down the ramp to armored cars en route to Taken 3 producers’ driveways.

PARA USA’s statement on their Facebook page, first and foremost, states that they regret “its decision to provide firearms for use in the film Taken 3.” They call out Neeson for supposedly undermining the Second Amendment and say they will no longer provide guns for any future Neeson movies. They call on other gun companies to boycott the actor’s films as well.

I’ll make you this wager. PARA USA doesn’t regret providing guns for Taken 3 enough to want to refund its fee. Or to donate it to a charity of its choosing. The only thing PARA USA should regret is using the word “entertaining” in the same sentence as Taken 3.

Neeson has the perfect right to say whatever he wants. There will always be action movies like Taken 3 with guns, explosions, and general pyrotechnic mayhem requiring the equipment and expertise of arms makers and technicians. It’s a money business, and companies like PARA USA are making a lot of money off an industry that arguably promotes First Amendment values, including the right to make bad films laced with propaganda like Sniper or just plain bad movies like Taken 3. Maybe the cost of doing business in America ought to be that your company shouldn’t promote one Amendment in the Bill of Rights at the expense of another – or it doesn’t deserve to be in business at all.

Just like moviegoers don’t deserve another Taken 3. Because nobody likes to be Taken 4 Granted. Or worse still, Taken 4 A Ride.

[Image Via 20th Century Fox]