January 28, 2015
WWE News: Vince McMahon Crediting Roman Reigns For Jump In WWE Network Subscribers

For over a decade WWE fans have looked at John Cena as the most polarizing figure in all of wrestling, however -- at least at the moment -- he has been replaced by Roman Reigns as wrestling's most polarizing figure. After last night's Royal Rumble match -- which Roman Reigns won -- there were thousands of WWE fans who were claiming that they had cancelled their WWE Network subscription. However, it seems that the exact opposite has happened as it was announced yesterday that the WWE Network had reached 1 million subscribers.

WWE's audience almost always drastically increases this time of year, so there were a lot of people that expected a jump in WWE Network subscribers, but nobody really predicted that they would reach 1 million.

It appears that WWE's decision to make the entire month of November free for new subscribers was a big reason for the subscriber increase. However, WWE's head man -- Vince McMahon -- is crediting something else for the big jump in subscribers, as reports are coming in that McMahon is giving a lot of credit to the winner of the 2015 Royal Rumble, Roman Reigns.

After winning the Royal Rumble match on Sunday night, Roman Reigns was booed out of the building. The WWE fans in Philadelphia disliked Reigns so much that they even booed WWE legend and longtime WWE fan-favorite The Rock when he endorsed Reigns at the end of the night. The Rock isn't the only one who received heat from the fans, as fellow WWE legend Chris Jericho also said that he endorses WWE's decision to have Reigns win the Rumble, which -- as Jericho said on his podcast -- angered many WWE fans.


There is some concern within WWE that the fans who attend WrestleMania 31 will cheer Brock Lesnar and boo Roman Reigns. So the idea of Paul Heyman costing Brock Lesnar his WWE championship at WrestleMania and making Reigns the newest "Paul Heyman guy" has been thrown around, as the last thing WWE wants is Levi's Stadium to be filled with boos if Reigns wins the title as a babyface.

Some WWE fans are hoping that -- for the second year in a row -- WWE will add Daniel Bryan to the WrestleMania main-event, making it a triple threat. As of right now, that idea is completely off the table, as Vince McMahon doesn't want to copy what he did last year. So, at this point, WWE is planning to go with Lesnar vs. Reigns in a singles match, no matter how ugly it gets for Reigns.

[Image via WWE]