Barack Obama’s Version Of ‘Uptown Funk’ Set To Be Sensational Viral Hit [Video]

“Uptown Funk” is already credited with being a massive hit for Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars. It’s one of those classic tracks that listeners just can’t seem to get out of their heads. And, it seems, neither can Barack Obama.

In a YouTube video produced by baracksdubs, Obama’s speeches are cut to create a sensational version of “Uptown Funk” that is sure to go viral. The video has only just been released and is already been played on radio stations worldwide.

Check out Barack Obama’s version of Mark Ronson’s huge hit.

The popular channel is responsible for many Obama dubbed videos, but this version of “Uptown Funk” will surely prove the most successful yet for baracksdubs.

And as far as the popularity of the original song, the new Barack version of “Uptown Funk” will likely fuel further success for Ronson.

The musician recently confided that he was shocked at the simultaneous chart topping success of his “Uptown Funk” single and “Uptown Special” album.

“It feels great and it feels strange to have a huge hit. I love the song – that’s the main thing. It’s not some song I hated that just suddenly became popular. I love Uptown Funk and believe in it. At the same time, whether or not something becomes a hit is not up to you. All you can do is make it great.”

Ronson also described how the stress of making the record “literally made me vomit.”

“We did a lot of late nights. There were sleepless sessions. We worked on the song in Memphis, Toronto, London. It was like ‘oh man, this sucks’. We had this magic one time and then it was gone. We thought it might not return.”

But despite the worries and the fact that Ronson felt he was at a crossroads in his musical career, “Uptown Funk” has has proved unexpectedly popular for the musician and has arrived at just the right time in Ronson’s career.

Barackdubs are a channel that have produced numerous videos of the U.S. President singing popular songs, but there is already a clamor for “Uptown Funk” to be released as a genuine full single.

You’re going to be hearing this amazing cut of “Uptown Funk” everywhere over the coming days and weeks. But is it really possible that Obama will become the first U.S President to have a number one hit?