Samsung Galaxy S6: Possible Details Leak And Reveal Largest Secret

Details of Samsung’s Galaxy S6 have been leaking around the Internet. Some of the details may include a huge secret that Samsung has been trying to hide from its users. However, it’s only rumors and hearsay at the moment. Samsung hasn’t yet to make an official announcement about the Galaxy S6, including its features and accessories.

One of the most interesting reveals comes from According to the report, Samsung’s Galaxy S6 will include a connector on the back that allows users to connect new back covers to the phone with advanced functions. This also may allow the use of induction charging, but the report says that it’s only a hint of what’s possible with the Galaxy S6 phone.

Other features in the Galaxy S6 include the S Health app, which will measure the user’s blood sugar. It will then upload and send the information to the user’s doctor. The attachment could also double as a E-Ink display to make reading on the Galaxy S6 phone easier.

These major details mean that users have the ability to customize their Galaxy S6 phones with useful accessories. Tech lovers will have to wait and see if these features will actually be added to the phone.

Samsung’s also planning to add a new processor inside the Galaxy S6, although there has been confusion about what kind of processor the company plans to use. Some reports say that the company will use Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 810, while other reports hint towards an Exynos 7 octo-core chip set. According to Galaxy S6 rumors, it could be a Quad HD display and Exynos 64-bit processor.

New camera lenses are also in the works for the Galaxy S6. These lenses will be made specifically for this headset, according to the report. The blog didn’t share any additional details about the megapixels and specs of these lenses.

Sammobile recently reported that Samsung may get rid of the swipe-based fingerprint scanner, and opt for a touch-based scanner that the iPhone 5s, 6, and 6 Plus use. Samsung wants to compete with Apple with its Galaxy S6 phone. That means S6 users won’t have to swipe their finger to register their fingerprint, a feature that was heavily criticized in reviews. Forbes‘ writer Ian Morris explains.

“Sadly, the attempt at using biometrics for security, namely the fingerprint scanner, are as dismal now as they have been on every other Samsung device I’ve tested. The problem here is that the fingerprint reader on the iPhone is more sensitive, doesn’t need you to ‘swipe’ across its surface to scan an image, and it works – for me at least – pretty much every time. Samsung’s scanner is so bad that on every device I’ve used, I’ve needed to disable it, because it’s just too frustrating. Some people have told me that you need to enroll your fingerprint sideways, so you can unlock the phone as you hold it, but for me that never worked.”

Samsung usually announces the accessories that will go with its smartphones, but the company hasn’t revealed anything other than its flip covers and headphones. The company is planning to unveil the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S Edge at a press event in Barcelona. Samsung’s launch date for the Galaxy S6 is also rumored for March 2nd at MWC 2015, according to a previous report on the Inquisitr.

[Image by Tecnomovida Caracas]