Taylor Swift Hacked: Singer Threatened With Nude Photo Leak

Taylor Swift has been hacked Tuesday afternoon. The singer’s Twitter and Instagram accounts were breached by an unknown hacker who linked back to social media accounts who are connected with a group of hackers named the Lizard Squad. An alleged lewd photo was also posted on Swift’s accounts, according to the ABC News report.

The hackers are threatening Taylor with nude photos. She’s not letting it get to her, though. Taylor is “shaking it off” on Tumblr. She responded to the hacking on her Tumblr page by assuring her fans her social media accounts were hacked.

“My Twitter got hacked but don’t worry. Twitter is deleting the hacker tweets and locking my account until they can figure out how this happened and get me new passwords. Never a dull moment.”

Swift surprisingly didn’t worry about the hack. Instead, she joked about it. Swift included the hashtag that read “#Hackers Gonna Hack Hack Hack Hack Hack,” referring to her hit song “Shake it Off.” Swift next updated with the phrase, “This is going to be a long day.”

It sounds like Taylor may be a little worried about the risk of having her nudes leaked on the Internet. She included the hashtag “#This is Why I’m Scared of Technology. #Who’s Paranoid Now??”

The hackers claimed that they have nude photos of Swift. They said that they will release the scandalous photos of the singer for a certain amount of money that’s equal to Bit Coins. Swift is fighting back agains the hackers. She updated with another tweet about her alleged nudes.

“PS any hackers saying they have ‘nudes’? Psssh you’d love that wouldn’t you! Have fun photoshopping cause you got NOTHING.”

Swift is a singer who’s known for having a pristine image. She’s never seen without make-up in paparazzi photos and candids. Swift may hint to having sex with her boyfriends in her songs, but she never openly speaks out about it. She also is never seen posing half-naked in photo shoots. Swift even told Time magazine that she doesn’t want to sell sex. These alleged nude photos could potentially tarnish her squeaky clean image.

The Lizard Squad claims that they’re part of the infamous Internet groups Anonymous and LulzSec. According to several reports, the Twitter account takes credit for hacking Taylor Swift’s verified account on both social networking sites. The mysterious tweets appeared on Taylor’s accounts for a few minutes before disappearing from the site.

This isn’t the first time that Swift has been threatened with a nude scandal. Back in 2013, an alleged sex tape of Taylor Swift floated around Facebook, but it turned out to be a scam. According to a report on the Inquisitr, several users have reported a link promising to see a sex tape of Taylor Swift naked, but it was a scam designed to trick users into taking online surveys to collect their personal information. They never got to see the promised Taylor Swift sex tape.

[Image by Eva Rinaldi]