WWE News: Vince McMahon’s Reaction To Sting Thus Far, Triple H Demanded Match With The Vigilante?

Wrestling Legend Sting is now in the WWE. He has appeared on a WWE PPV and on WWE RAW, two things many thought we’d never see. Sting is an icon and one we’re lucky to see in WWE today. It is a long time coming, but one man may be the happiest of all. WWE CEO and Chairman Vince McMahon has tried to bring Sting in numerous times over the years. Sting mentioned that Vince was always nice and willing to offer a lot to get him, however, a need was always met where he was at the time and he never ended up signing.

Sting signed this time around because of the fans. Vince loves having Sting in the WWE, and according to Daily Wrestling News, he is very happy with the response Sting is getting right now. Sting has never been in WWE before, so the fact that he is getting great reactions is awesome to see. Triple H was happy to see him as well, and pretty much demanded to work with him.

It is said that Triple H wanted to work with Sting badly and made that very clear to WWE. Basically, The Game told WWE that Sting was his WrestleMania opponent and that was that.

Triple H has that right these days, which is cool to see. However, the match makes a lot of sense. Many still want to see Sting vs The Undertaker. While that is not out of the cards in the future, the best first match for Sting may be against Triple H. Triple H is a safe worker, and for a guy in his 50s wrestling his first WWE match, there aren’t many better to work with.

Sting may not be the type of wrestler he once was, but he is by no means bad. He showed us in TNA Wrestling not too long ago that he could still go very well in the ring. He is still in fantastic shape, as well. We should next see Sting at WWE Fast Lane, where Triple H is asking for a face-to-face talk with The Vigilante himself. Sting has cost Triple H control of WWE and even helped in the re-hiring of three WWE Superstars Triple H fired.

Sting has become a thorn in The Authority’s side, so the story between the two is already fun. It will be interesting to see what WWE plans to do with them going forward.

[IMG Credit: WWE.com]