Wendy Williams Slams Teresa Giudice’s Family: Stop Glorifying Jail And Crimes

Wendy Williams is known for speaking her mind about the reality stars that appear on various shows, including The Real Housewives franchise. She has often gone after NeNe Leakes, Bethenny Frankel and other individuals who get into trouble. So it is no surprise that Williams is now sharing her thoughts about Teresa Giudice’s jail time.

Wendy Williams isn’t holding back when it comes to how Teresa’s family is dealing with her time behind bars. And given how fans of the show have given plenty of support to the family, there seems to be an elephant in the room. The Giudices are serving time because they committed a crime.

According to a new Real Mr. Housewife report, Wendy Williams is now slamming the idea of people glorifying and supporting Teresa, who is currently serving time for committing fraud and stealing money from people.

“Stop talking about jail being someplace that it’s not like it’s supposed to be. Trying to make it sound hot to go to jail. Jail is not. Jail is not sexy,” Wendy Williams said in hopes of inspiring people to stop glorifying Teresa and her family for what they did.

Many people keep defending Teresa and her family because they now have to live as a split family for years to come. And while many people feel bad for Teresa for having to be without her daughters for 15 months, Wendy Williams reminds people of the fact that she did break the law and did steal money from people. Even though her husband did most of the paperwork, Giudice did willingly sign the papers.

“I understand that where Teresa is, she’s got more makeup than a lot of us do under our makeup cabinets,” Wendy continued, adding, “While I’m all for Teresa not looking her worst, to absolutely have it turned out and to possibly be infusing in her 14 year old daughters head that it’s okay to do a crime or go to jail is absolutely wrong.”

Gia Giudice recently spoke out about visiting her mother in jail. And instead of keeping this story to herself, Gia went straight to E! News about the visit, which is something that doesn’t sit well with Wendy Williams. Wendy believes that Gia should be sheltered from all of this crime and jail time.

“I don’t know why Joe, the father, would even have the little girl speaking out like this. Am I the only one that just found something wrong with this little girl talking to E! news? I’m just saying, Joe, pay attention to what your girls are doing, because right now that’s not real good,” Wendy Williams added.

Maybe Gia simply spoke out about the jail visit because there have been rumors of her parents divorcing. According to the Inquisitr, she has been trying to mend the toxic relationship between her parents. But as Wendy Williams would probably say, this isn’t her job to do so.

What do you think of Wendy Williams’ comments about Teresa?

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