'The Doctors' Talk To Reality Show Star About Plastic Surgery Mishap, Plans For More

The Doctors never shy away from hot topics and plastic surgery is a very hot topic. Plastic surgery is all around us these days and, thanks to the media, most young women feel that altering their appearance by going under the knife is no big deal. However, there are risks to many different procedures and, on the most recent episode of The Doctors, they spoke to a reality show star that recently had a mishap while getting limp implants.

Farrah Abraham has been open about her many plastic surgery procedures, but her most recent procedure turned out to be a nightmare when she suffered an allergic reaction to the anesthetic used. As a result, her lips swelled up and she was nearly unrecognizable. She went on The Doctors to talk about the procedure gone horribly wrong.

"I've never felt this sensation in my head before. They gave me a steroid and an antibiotic...I'm just really thankful that I'm alive."
The botched procedure serves as a scary reminder about just how dangerous something like plastic surgery can be for a person. Of course, these reactions don't happen to everyone and, like the reality show star, you can have several procedures before having a negative experience. Of course, she isn't about to let this mishap scare her away from going under the knife again. Farrah explained to The Doctors that she still has plans for more work, but will be more diligent about her research.
"I'm more concerned about stretching out of my lip, so I'm kinda scared to keep doing the injections. I'm super happy I'm alive."
However, the next procedure that the reality show star talked about on The Doctors seems outrageous! Farrah revealed that she may get butt implants in the future.
"I'm still doing research. I'm more in the research phase. I don't want anything that's creating more problems."
As previously reported by the Inquisitr, reality show star Lisa Rinna spoke out about the botched lip procedure and seemed to take credit for starting the trend.
"I apologize for starting this s—t 26 years ago, please forgive me."
Of course, Lisa Rinna may not have single handedly started the trend, but there is no doubt that reality show stars and celebrities have helped influence the trend.

This is not the first time that the reality show star has appeared on The Doctors. They welcomed her back in October 2013 where she, again, talked about plastic surgery. They have also talked with other celebrities and reality show stars about a plethora of topics, not limited to plastic surgery. The show covers an array of medical topics so there is always something for everyone to be interested in watching.

[Image: via Twitter]