The World’s Strangest Addictions Include Eating Bricks And Drinking Air Freshener

When it comes to the world of addictions, things can get pretty weird.

The inexplicable urge for something, be it alcohol, drugs or pornography, is part of the human condition which remains a mystery to most. Some people have addictive personalities and some don’t, but there are people who are addicted to things that are strange, very strange.

TLC’s My Strange Addiction is a show which highlights some of the most bizarre addictions imaginable, and some that are not.

For example, in one gripping episode of the show, Evelyn, 26, was featured for her struggles with air freshener addiction. It’s an addiction that is no joke, no matter how bizarre and quirky it sounds.

She was addicted to at least fifty sprays of different flavored air fresheners a day, for a period of three years until she managed to beat the unfortunate and life threatening habit.

Another troubling case was Patrice, 29, from London, England, who is addicted to eating bricks and has been so for the past 12 years. In her case, the addiction is so serious that she chewed a two-foot hole in the wall of her bedroom and even consumed parts of her grandmother’s home.

Then there’s Linda, 56, who is happily married to Bruce. Sounds normal enough so far, but Bruce is in fact a 70-foot, 60-ton carnival ride that Linda met in 1981.

Due to her condition, known as “objectum sexual,” Linda is addicted to having romantic feelings for inanimate objects as she has ex-boyfriends who were trains and even an airplane.

And then of course there’s Kyle, 31, who is completely and utterly addicted to dating elderly women, no — not older women, elderly women.

Kyle can be found at nursing homes and bingo halls, looking for women aged 65 and preferably older, and he even reportedly has more than one woman on the go at one time.

While the above addictions are out of the ordinary and even strange, they are no joke for the people who suffer from them, as is clear from the My Strange Addiction series, which you can catch on Wednesdays on the TLC network.