Miami Girl Arrives: ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Star Kristen Doute Looks Back On Cheating Scandal

Miami Girl arrived to Vanderpump Rules on Monday and the drama that ensued made for reality TV gold. In her Bravo blog on January 26, Doute opened up about Annemarie Kunkel’s arrival to SUR Lounge, and her own behavior towards her manager.

“The anxiety I had and the anticipation, really, of Annemarie coming to L.A. is just more than I can express. I wanted answers. I know that I’m broken up with Tom, I know James and I are together, and I know that it’s probably none of my damn business, but I made it my business.”

Since the first episode of Vanderpump Rules season three, Doute has been speaking of Miami Girl and her alleged relationship with Sandoval. According to Doute, Jax Taylor told her of the inappropriate relationship, but Sandoval claims it never happened — and his girlfriend believes him.

While news of the reported affair died down as episodes of the show played out, they were brought up again when Kunkel allegedly contacted Doute online.

“I had kind of known for a couple of months prior to her coming that there was a possibility. And when she actually did fly in, I found out the day before. She sent me a text that said I will be there tomorrow. She wanted to confront Tom in front of Ariana, but first she wanted to have a sit-down with me. I think it made her feel a little more safe. She wanted to tell her side, and I have her back in that aspect only.”

During their lunch date, Doute and Miami Girl enjoyed some wine and discussed what had happened in Miami. As they chatted, Kunkel revealed she and Sandoval had chatted for hours in Miami before they hooked up. They even reportedly chatted about Doute, whom Kunkel claimed Sandoval was still in love with at the time.

Once it came time for Kunkel to confront Sandoval at SUR, Doute was shocked to see Sandoval walk out of the restaurant with Ariana Madix in tow.

“Seeing him kind of take a minute to, like, digest everything and then bolting…I mean how guilty can you be when you bolt from the bar? I mean, I would not lie and say that a little part of me with a little devil on my shoulder wasn’t like, ‘Haha, Sandoval, you’re about to get yours.'”

Although Doute didn’t seem regretful for causing drama at SUR, she did tell fans of her blog that her actions at the restaurant were out of line.

“I still feel like a complete piece of sh– for the way that I treated Diana. It was just between Scheana getting all worked up about things and the plan not going the way that we thought it was…and she knows I feel absolutely terrible, and it’s no way to treat anyone, especially your friend.”

As the Inquisitr recently reported, Doute is finally over her relationship with Sandoval, and recently told her fans online they were both much happier now that they are in new relationships.

“I think that we are both in better places now,” she explained.

To see the aftermath from Miami Girl’s SUR visit, tune into next week’s episode of Vanderpump Rules on Monday night at 9 p.m. on Bravo.

[Photo via Twitter]