Tom Schwartz And Kristen Doute Feud: ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Star Claims She Has ‘Split Personality Syndrome’

Tom Schwartz and Kristen Doute are at odds — and showing no sign of a Vanderpump Rules reconciliation.

On the latest episode of Vanderpump Rules, the cast was involved in an elaborate cheating scandal, which was initiated by Doute early on in the season. As the drama played out on the show, Schwartz, along with a handful of other fast members and fans, was left in shock at Doute’s behavior.

In his blog, Schwartz revealed his thoughts.

“Kristen’s attempt at being humorous while she’s knee deep in crazy with that girl is painful to watch. She’s like ‘We’re gonna need a whole bottle,’ and says it as if she doesn’t want to cope with the situation at hand that SHE set up. It’s like a split personality syndrome.”

While the cheating confrontation would have been dramatic in any situation, the fact that it happened at SUR Lounge, where the cast works, made it that much more eventful.

“After the failed confrontation, Scheana comes out and puts Kristen in her place. Kristen belligerently gets defensive and keeps saying, ‘Why are you making this my fault?’ to Scheana. Ahhhhh! Maybe because you instigated this whole situation and facilitated that girl’s confrontation.”

Meanwhile, the remaining members of the staff at SUR Lounge were left horrified by such a heated exchange taking place in the middle of the restaurant. Tom Schwartz and Kristen Doute were certainly never the best of friends, but seeing how she handled the situation with “Miami girl” was a complete turn-off for Schwartz.

“Kristen went to great lengths to get in touch with this girl. She was so excited about the prospect of trying to make Tom look bad, she was practically frothing at the mouth. The fact that she’s in a public place and there are guests around, but she still doesn’t give a sh**. This is my biggest beef with Kristen. When she has a problem, nothing else in the world matters, and she has ZERO consideration for those around her.”

One of the most shocking moments of the night happened when Doute began yelling at her manager.

“You saw the way she made that scene in a public place, completely disrespecting Diana without any remorse. So dismissive of her manager while she smokes cigarettes and pounds wine. Her ability to disregard authority when she’s upset is unreal. I mean what a train wreck.”

Tom Schwartz and Kristen Doute’s friendship wasn’t the only one to bite the dust this season. Tom Schwartz and Stassi Schroeder’s friendship is also no more. As the Inquisitr previously reported, Schwartz made it clear he had no interest in being a part of Schroeder’s life after how she treated Katie Maloney.

“Get over it and yourself. It’s exhausting me to see her behave this way,” Schwartz wrote in his blog. “She is seriously corny and is starting to seem like a parody of herself, minus the redeeming stuff. Dressing like she is 40 to try and project a more mature image, like a little girl who walks out of her mom’s closet.”

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