WWE News: Huge Casket Match Announced For Thursday’s Live ‘SmackDown’

The winter storm in the Northeastern United States caused WWE to cancel Raw on Monday night and postpone the taping of SmackDown from Tuesday and have a live edition on Thursday. During the Raw from WWE Headquarters, it was announced that a huge casket match was going to take place this Thursday night.

Even though Daniel Bryan got tossed early and quickly from the Royal Rumble, he is going to move forward toward WrestleMania. On Thursday night, he’ll take on the big corporate machine Kane in a match that has been made famous by his brother, The Undertaker.

No other matches have yet been announced for the live show at this time.

Early on Monday, wrestlers were advised that both Raw and the SmackDown taping would be cancelled due to the winter storm. Forecasts expect at least three feet in most places in the Northeastern United States, and travel bans have even been put in place.

For those that had tickets to SmackDown, WWE is prepared to honor them on Thursday.

It is certainly an interesting choice for WWE to choose a Casket Match on Thursday night, as WreztleZone reported. One thought is that this will be the final match between the two after a very long feud that has spanned a couple of years now.

Another thought going around is that it could be a way to re-introduce the Undertaker if he will indeed be coming back for WrestleMania 31. If he is coming back, the rumored plan is for him to take on Bray Wyatt, who has been booked very strong over the last few weeks.

With the cancellation of Raw and the postponement of SmackDown, it appears as if WWE really wants Thursday night’s live show to be a big one. Fans are not so sure about that though, as many believe this is going to continue the de-push of Daniel Bryan.

Thursday night’s SmackDown is going to showcase a Casket Match between Daniel Bryan and Kane, but will anything else matter? If Bryan ends up losing that match too, you can expect more WWE Network cancellations.

[Image via WWE]