New GEICO Commercial With Ickey Woods Shoving Veggies To The Ground In Favor Of Meat Goes Viral [Video]

Similar to other Geico ads featuring the former pro football player Ickey Woods dancing in the aisle at the grocery store — doing his famous “Ickey Shuffle” from back in the day — this new ad that shows Ickey making his signature sub is replete with funny writing. On the fake What’s Cooking? With Ickey Woods show, Ickey demonstrates to viewers how to make his signature sub called The Ickster, a cooking lesson that takes a humorous and unexpected turn when Woods shoves all the veggies, condiments, and bread onto the floor.

“First you start with a piece of bread. Then you get rid of everything that’s not cold cuts. You get rid of the bread, the cold cuts. Voila! Bon appetite! The Ickster. Woo! Gimme some!”

Just like the camels at the zoo commercial that features people screaming, “Hey, Mike! Hump Day!” at the animals — a GEICO YouTube ad that received more than 1.7 million views, as reported by the Inquisitr — the new Geico ad with Ickey is on track to experience a similar viral reaction.

The fact that Ickey has returned in GEICO commercials without a shuffle, as reported by‎, and is receiving a bunch of buzz for his appearances in the Geico ads proves that Ickey Woods’ comeback into the national spotlight once more might be a move that ends up more popular — especially with younger generations — than his Ickey end zone shuffle dance.

According to ABC, Ickey was caught off guard by the world’s reaction to his commercials, a response not expected by Woods. After all, it’s been 25 years since Ickey was able to perform his shuffle dance for a large audience, and now that he’s back and getting a taste of both coldcuts and the viral nature of the web, Woods is well familiar with how much times have changed. And how much the world wide web changes the viral nature of video.

“Never thought in my wildest dreams that 25 years later the Ickey Shuffle would be back on the scene.”

[Image via “The Ickster: What’s Cooking With Ickey? – GEICO” by GEICO Insurance]