‘Vanderpump Rules’ Star Ariana Madix: ‘I Would Have Totally Taken Legal Action’

Vanderpump Rules star Ariana Madix has been trying to be an understanding girlfriend over the past couple of months, as she began dating Tom Sandoval shortly after his breakup with Kristen Doute. As much as Kristen wants everyone to believe that Tom betrayed her, she was the one who cheated on him first, and several times after. Now, Madix and Tom are speaking out about how things are going now that the show has wrapped.

In the interview, Ariana Madix reveals that Kristen continues to be a pain even though they wrapped up filming back in August. Even though Doute claims to have moved on, Ariana reveals that she is still lurking a bit in the background. And Madix adds that things have actually progressed, as many of the things that have been on the show are things that were unknown to her.

According to a new Pop Dust report, Vanderpump Rules star Ariana Madix is now revealing that if she had known everything during the summer that she has learned watching the show back, she would have taken legal action against Sandoval’s ex-girlfriend.

“I do not associate with her as much as I humanly can. Had I been aware of the things Kristen said about me, including holding a knife, I would have totally taken legal action. It’s five months later now, so it’s hard to take that to court, but if I were aware at the time I most definitely would have taken legal action,” Ariana reveals about watching the show back, pointing out that Kristen was acting a bit crazy.

“I mean, she punched people at my best friend’s birthday party, so I don’t think her becoming violent is that far out of the picture! There’s no being nice to her. She just doesn’t get it, so its better that I don’t associate at all,” Ariana Madix points out about her best friend Scheana’s birthday party, a fight that was caught on camera.

Kristen did get violent with people at this party, so she clearly has some aggressions she needs to work through. And punching people should not be the method of choice. Despite this, Madix reveals that she recently learned that Doute wasn’t done talking about their relationship.

“We didn’t have any idea it was that bad until we watched the show. We stopped filming in August. A friend of mine last week overheard Kristen talking about me at a club. Even still, I take it all with a grain of salt,” Ariana Madix reveals.

Lisa Vanderpump speculates that Doute is indeed jealous of Ariana’s growing popularity on the show, according to the Inquisitr. But if she continues to talk about the couple, one has to wonder what else is going on in her head.

Are you surprised that Ariana Madix would have taken legal action against Tom’s ex, had she known everything?

[Image via Bravo]