Kristen Stewart To Quit Hollywood For A Bit

Is Kristen Stewart quitting acting? After finishing the Twilight saga Stewart hasn’t had much of a break from Hollywood. As soon as she wrapped on the young adult series, Kristen has focused on more adult and challenging roles to transition into the next phase of her career. She took parts in films like Camp X-Ray, Clouds of Sils Maria, Still Alice, and just completed the drama Anesthesia.

While promoting her newest film, Still Alice, the star told Live! with Kelly and Michael that she’s due for a rest for a bit. Stewart said she has been working “for a solid two years,” so she needs to take a break from Hollywood and taking on films.

“I need to breathe,” Stewart admitted. Usually uncomfortable with the press, Kristen was hesitant to reveal what she would be doing on her time off from work, and explained just why she’s so private with how she spends her time, and what she reveals to the public.

“You can say one thing about a detail of your life and it expands like wildfire. Like, ‘Oh, so you’re a painter now!’ I’m like, ‘Not at all, I’m like in middle school art class in my garage, basically.'”

That said, Stewart wasn’t too tired to gush about her co-star in Still Alice, Julianne Moore.

“I wanted to give her the skin off my back. I wanted to do anything I could to help her, support her.”

Unlike for the Twilight saga, critics seem to be impressed by the range that Kristen is starting to show in her films. The Still Alice reviews that mention the star highlight the improvement of her acting chops.

Rotten Tomatoes reviewer Glenn Gaylord said of Stewart’s performance, “Stewart does some of her best work in these late scenes, proving that despite the TWILIGHT saga’s numbing boredom, she has considerable depth of feeling. The final scene in particular absolutely wrecked me. Stewart’s commitment to the moment and Moore’s utter transformation will stick with me for a long time.”

The Hollywood Reporter wrote out of Toronto, “Although not known for daring cinematic fireworks or experimentation, the directors tackle a subject where a restrained, understated approach is the best insurance against sloppy sentimentality. It pays off handsomely in the film’s closing moments, a poignant, poetic confrontation between the generations that draws the best from Moore and reveals unexpected depth in Stewart.”

Looks like Stewart’s break is well deserved.

[Image via Killer Films]