Josh Murray Supposedly Dating: Looking For Girls On Instagram?

Bachelorette star Josh Murray has been keeping a low profile since announcing his breakup from Andi Dorfman in a standard statement, confirming their decision to go their separate ways. Immediately after announcing their breakup, Josh packed his bags and went on a vacation with his mother to mend his broken heart. In fact, Murray appeared to be the saddest of the two.

While Andi stayed in Atlanta and then partied with her friends this weekend, Josh Murray had a different plan in mind. In fact, it appears that he only wanted to come home and hang out with his dog after spending a week with his mother. Murray hasn’t been very vocal on social media since the split, but it appears that he is mending his broken heart.

According to a new International Business Times report, Bachelorette star Josh Murray is rumored to be ready for dates again. The report claims that he is looking to date numerous girls, who have been reaching out to him on Instagram on Twitter. Since Murray is such a nice guy, it is possible that he is reaching out to reply to messages, and it is seen as flirting, rather than just him being a nice guy.

Josh Murray hasn’t been spotted out with another girl since he announced the split from Andi a few weeks ago. Plus, the reason behind the split hasn’t been confirmed. It is very possible that Andi wasn’t ready for everything, and Josh was more than eager to settle down. If this is the case, then Murray may be eager to find someone else to settle down with.

As for Josh, he hasn’t actually announced any plans to date. According to Murray, there is only one girl for him these days. Over the past few months, Josh Murray has been posting pictures of himself and his dog, Sabel. Clearly, these two have a blast together.

In comparison, Andi Dorfman is relying on her friends to get through the split. According to the Inquisitr, Andi spent the weekend celebrating the engagement of one of her friends, Kelly Travis. During the weekend, she got to spend time with Nikki Ferrell, who recently split from Juan Pablo Galavis. It would have been the perfect support system when it comes to getting over Josh Murray.

It is rumored that Josh and Andi actually split prior to their public appearance on the red carpet, but they have not confirmed this in a statement.

What do you think of Josh Murray supposedly looking to date again? Do you think he would date someone from Instagram or Twitter?

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