Are Michael Jackson And Kris Jenner Twins?

Ga Fullner / Jean-Marc Bouju-PoolShutterstock / Getty Images

Fans are just being downright mean in their recent comments about Kris Jenner and Michael Jackson. The Kardashian clan leader posted a selfie on Sunday that the Mirror referred to as “bizarre.” The Mirror said Jenner looked “completely different,” and that’s when the Michael Jackson comparisons came in.

The momager was dining in Paris with a friend when she stopped to take a selfie.

“We can’t tell if it’s her perfect complexion or her bright eyes and thinner face shape.”

Jenner, dressed in a black and gold ensemble, does seem a little tighter, but does that mean surgery? Everyone knows how the Kardashians love a good filter.

The photo caused some people to make comments like “She looks like MJ” and “your face looks plastic.”

Jackson was known for his constantly changing appearance through plastic surgery, although he rarely admitted it. According to a report in People, Dr. Wallace Goodstein, who worked besides Jackson’s surgeon in the 1990’s, estimates that Jackson had “10 to 12 surgeries in 2 years” saying that Jackson came in about “every two months.”

Goldstein claimed that Jackson “had multiple nose jobs, cheek implants and he had a cleft put in his chin. He had eyelid surgery… You name it he had it.”

Jackson only ever admitted to two nose jobs and claimed that his lightened skin was due to the disease vitiligo, which Dr. Goldstein claimed really was the issue.

The disease destroys pigments in the skin creating a splotchy, uneven toned look. Dr. Goldstein says that Jackson’s was “bad” creating a “speckled look all over his body.” Jackson treated it with a special cream, thereby lightening all of his skin, not so much by choice as necessity in treating the vitiligo.

With all of the work Jackson had done, many people are making that comparison to Jenner. Jenner has been accused of getting not only botox to get that smooth look but also a full face lift. Jenner is taking a cue from Jackson, though, and not confirming having any work done.

Let’s just hope that Kris Jenner doesn’t completely follow in Michael Jackson’s steps and go overboard on plastic surgery instead sticking with some great lighting and filters to look better in photos.