20th Anniversary PS4 Sells At A Price You Won’t Believe

A 20th Anniversary PS4 sold recently for a price you would not believe. A buyer in Japan spent even more on Sony’s limited edition PlayStation 4 than you probably will for your next car, or possibly your next home.

This 20th Anniversary PlayStation 4 was one of several consoles made with the same gray color that the original PlayStation had, and to some, that holds significant value. These special consoles were numbered as a way to show their value, and to collectors that is enough reason to pour extreme amounts of money into what is otherwise the same thing everybody else paid around $400 for.

Sony held an official Yahoo! Auction contest for a 20th Anniversary PS4 with the number 00001, and bidding started at a single yen. After more than 1,500 bids, the price skyrocketed to 15.135 million yen, the equivalent of nearly $129,000. One lucky gamer in Japan is about to own the very first of the limited edition PlayStation 4 consoles.

According to The Wall Street Journal, a Sony representative relayed gratitude for the success of the auction.

“We appreciate all who participated in the auction and are surprised at the highest bid price, which was higher than our expectations.”

The money raised will be donated to Save The Children Japan, so we know the money won’t just be recycled into Sony’s corporate spending. Similar auctions were held in Spain, where 350 of the limited edition PS4 consoles were sold, with the money donated to UNICEF and non-profit Juegaterapia, says Polygon.

Only 12,300 of these limited edition 20th Anniversary PlayStation 4 consoles are in production, and there may still be more auctions to bid on. If you have a nice chunk of disposable income, you might get satisfaction from knowing that the price of your console went to charity.

While this doesn’t really affect the PS4 vs Xbox One console war, it certainly earns Sony some karma.

How much would you pay for a 20th Anniversary PS4 console?

[Image via Engadget]