June 29, 2017
Woman Who Was Told She Could Never Give Birth Now Has 150 Children, Grandchildren And Great-Grandchildren

When Emma Derrick from Knowle in the UK was told many years ago that she would never give birth due to suffering from rheumatic fever as a teenager, which left her with a tiny frame, she was obviously more than disappointed.

Now aged 88, and many years after receiving that life-changing news, Derrick boasts a massive family, including a total of 150 children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

Despite the bad news all those years ago, Derrick went on to have 14 children with her husband Dennis, and their kids have gone on to have children and grandchildren of their own.

As Mrs Derrick told the Daily Mail,"The doctor told me if I managed to have one baby then I could have a dozen. I kept him to his word. It can be tough keeping track of everyone but I do love them all. I wouldn't change any of them. Having family around you is the most important thing in life."

Due to the three rounds of rheumatic fever which she suffered as a teen, Derrick thought she'd never have children and was devastated by that fact. Nevertheless, Derrick defied all odds and is now surrounded by scores of photographs of her enormous family.

The age range between her oldest son and youngest great-grandchild is astounding and possibly even record-breaking as her eldest, Royston is 67 while the latest addition, Derrick, is almost one.

In sharing her life-story, Derrick revealed, "When I was 16 they all told me I couldn't have children, I had rheumatic fever three times. When I did have a baby they were perfect. We got married at 16 and I didn't have children until I was 21. We weren't actively trying to defy doctors, it just happened. They are all miracles. I prayed for a baby and it was answered."

Nevertheless, as Derrick recalled jokingly, "I couldn't win though - I had three boys before I had a girl, then I had three girls and they asked for a brother."

The huge family occasionally gets together for celebrations and parties, but there are so many relatives that parties are usually held at an event hall.

Sadly, Emma's husband, Dennis Derrick, died over 20 years ago, and she has been a widow ever since. Thankfully, she has 150 direct descendants to keep her company, something she is obviously very proud of.