Hamster Enoki Needs Massage To Sleep, Too Spoiled? [Video]

The Huffington Post asked, “does life get any more luxurious?”

Other video’s on Shen’s page show the full extent of Enoki’s hamster palace. The mini-home features a kitchen and bathroom with its own toilet. But the Winter White hamster appears to receive more than enough love to go along with all the decadence.

The YouTube video description says, “putting my little Enoki, a Winter White Hamster, to sleep in her new cosy little bed! A little massage always does the trick in quickly sending her off to slumberland!”

The video has already received over 300,000 views. According to the Mirror, the heart-warming video has been shared world-wide by hamster lovers.

Clearly though, Enoki has become a little bit spoiled. As the video shows, the hamster refuses to sleep until it receives its full massage time.

[Image Credit: YouTube]