Julianna Margulies On Michelle Obama’s Nod To Her ‘Good Wife’ Style

Julianna Margulies may have discovered she has friends in high places. Michelle Obama, or perhaps the First Lady’s stylist, is apparently a fan of The Good Wife. At last Tuesday’s State of the Union address, Ms. Obama was spotted wearing the same outfit that Margulies had sported during an episode of her CBS drama.

Margulies was informed of Ms. Obama’s style choice when she received “89 emails” letting her know. Her response, when asked about the suit at the Screen Actors Guild red carpet Sunday, was one of surprise.

“My first thought was, ‘how on earth did anyone remember?'”

The Good Wife episode in which Margulies wore the wool tweed Michael Kors jacket and skirt aired a year and a half ago. The popular show, however, is available for binge-watching and past episodes air on CBS affiliates. It’s therefore possible Ms. Obama only recently caught the program.

According to Vox, the episode first aired in December 2013, as Episode 10 of the Good Wife’s fifth season.

Margulies had her own assessment of the message of the suit, in particular, when worn by the First Lady and her Good Wife character, a formidable lawyer and aspiring politician.

“It says I’m powerful, I’m elegant, I’m feminine — but don’t mess with me.”

Margulies said she was “unbelievably flattered” by the silent nod from Ms. Obama.

Julianna Margulies was a presence of her own on the SAG red carpet, wearing a classic blue gown. She was alongside her husband, Keith Leiberthal. Although Margulies is getting glammed up this evening, there will not be a new episode of The Good Wife on air. CarterMatt reports CBS plans to bring the show back on March 1.

It should be a busy few weeks for The Good Wife upon its return. Among the plot points as-yet unresolved include how Archie Panjabi, who plays Kalinda, will exit the program.

Panjabi recently revealed that she decided it was time to stop playing Kalinda while filming a scene with Gillian Anderson for Netflix’s The Fall. In the scene, Panjabi and Anderson kiss to get a man to stop bothering them. When the actor was told to “hold back,” she said she knew it was time to leave, because “I didn’t think that I was very forward in [the scene], but obviously after a while a character starts to affect you.”

Her character, Kalinda, has “fluid” sexuality on The Good Wife.

Julianna Margulies is nominated for a SAG award for her role as Alicia Florrick.

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