George Clooney Too Fat For Amal Alamuddin? Actor’s Wife Orders Him To Lose Weight

George Clooney might be considered a “trophy husband” by some, but Amal Alamuddin isn’t the biggest fan of her man’s soft and squishy physique. According to a recent rumor, Amal is forcing George to slim down before the Academy Awards.

Clooney has allegedly packed on 15 pounds since his September 27 wedding, and Alamuddin is reportedly ready for the actor to get rid of his pot belly. A source told the Daily Star that Amal Alamuddin has put George Clooney on a pre-Oscar crash diet that involves depriving himself of his favorite fatty foods and booze. Maybe this is why he refused to take a shot of tequila with Giuliana Rancic at the Golden Globes.

Amal wants George to shed seven or eight pounds before she walks the red carpet with him at the Academy Awards, and she expects him to get rid of the rest of his paunch before he starts filming the comedy Hail, Caesar! in March.

Geroge Clooney’s diet rules are simple: “no booze, no fatty meat, fewer dairy products, fewer carbs and regular cholesterol checks.”

The no booze rule is going to be particularly tough on George — he loves the stuff so much that he’s part-owner of the Casamigos Ultra-Premium Tequila brand. Luckily, co-owner Rande Gerber and wife Cindy Crawford have promised to help their pal stick to his diet plan.

However, George is really going to miss stuffing himself full of fine food. Most bachelors spend their last marriage-free days partying hard and visiting strip clubs, but Clooney chose to have his bachelor party at a fancy restaurant. According to the New York Daily News, George savored a five-course meal at the Ristorante Da Ivo in Venice.

His decadent dinner included pasta with truffles, antipasto, two helpings of mushroom risotto, and strawberries with vinegar. George Clooney also indulged in two desserts: ice cream and zabaglione, a traditional Italian custard. Clooney’s feast was worth $5,000, but the restaurant didn’t charge George and his guests.

Manager Giovanni Fracassi said that he was happy to waive the cost, but he wasn’t expecting George to gorge himself like he did. Fracassi told the Sunday Times that he felt Clooney was “really eating a lot” for someone who was getting married just a few hours later.

If George Clooney really wants to ditch his diet, he could always get Amal Alamuddin pregnant — he’ll then be able to blame his expanding belly on empathy eating. As the Inquisitr previously reported, George used to insist that he was firmly against having kids, but he recently hinted that he may be open to changing his mind. And if anyone can convince him that he needs a baby, it’s Amal Alamuddin — after all, she has already accomplished the seemingly impossible by getting the confirmed bachelor to put a ring on it.

What do you think of Amal Alamuddin putting George Clooney on a diet? Is she being too controlling, or is she being a loving wife by worrying about her husband’s health?

[Image Credit: Getty via the Daily Mail]