Chris Soules Goes Skinny Dipping On Group Date, Pulls A Juan Pablo? [Spoilers]

Bachelor Chris Soules gets to channel his inner Juan Pablo on Episode 4 when skinny dipping on the camping group date stirs up the drama. Not only does at least one girl strip down during the date, another contestant makes a bold move and slips into Chris’ tent, prompting the other girls to call him out for being a player.

Soules, who recently confessed that he is kissing just about everyone because it helps him find a wife, will be in his glory on Monday night’s group date. Reality Steve reports that eight girls are picked for a group date that includes swimming (clothes optional) and camping overnight at the lake.

Previews show one girl taking off her swimsuit and jumping off the dock. Of course, there’s the infamous black box over her rear end, so fans will instantly assume that it’s Jillian, who constantly has her lower half blocked out. However, the eight girls picked for this group date are Kaitlyn, Megan, Ashley S., Samantha, Juelia, Mackenzie, Kelsey, and Ashley I., so it can’t be Jillian.

Chris couldn’t ask for a bigger group of drama queens, so does it really matter who strips down? They all seem to be there for the wrong reasons.

Reality Steve hasn’t been keeping up with the spoilers this season, so it’s not clear if Chris will swim with just one naked lady or a group of them. Chances are, he will be kissing most of them because that’s how the farmer rolls. He certainly makes former Bachelor Juan Pablo look like a saint — he didn’t freely hand out kisses and only went skinny dipping with one girl (Clare) at a time.

Kelsey Poe is one of the girls who definitely didn’t strip down and take a dip in the lake, so count her out when it comes to baring her lady parts on The Bachelor group date. Carter Matt states that Kelsey complains about the skinny dipping part of the date, using her time on camera to tell viewers that the girls are just “taking their clothes off for attention.” She goes on to complain about the lake — apparently it’s not as nice as the one in her home state of Michigan.

After the lake date, all eight girls get ready for an overnight date with Chris. Before they turn in for the note, the girls gather around a campfire and Kaitlyn tells jokes. Most of the jokes are about Ashley Salter, who manages to snag some one-on-one time with Chris and tell him that she is love with him. Read more about Ashley’s bizarre conversation with Chris here.

Previews lead fans to believe one girl sleeps with Chris in the tent after the other girls go to sleep, but this looks like careful editing on the part of producers. Who is the girl that sneaks in his tent for some private time? That is not clear, but it will most definitely lead to the drama fans have come to expect on The Bachelor.

Who do you think stripped down at the lake and who snuck into Chris’ tent during the group date on Episode 4? Find out when The Bachelor Episode 4 airs on January 25 at 8 p.m. on ABC.

[Image: ABC]