January 25, 2015
WWE News: WWE Officially Teases The Rock Being At 'Royal Rumble' Tonight - Lana Threatens Him On Twitter

It's been a major rumor for the past 24 hours that The Rock would be appearing at the Royal Rumble on Sunday night ever since he tweeted that he was in Philadelphia, where the event is being held. Now, WWE has jumped on the bandwagon and has officially sent out feelers to fans that "The Great One" will show up.

After speculation that he could appear at the event, WWE knows the power of the Internet and decided to jump on things. WWE.com posted a featured message teasing his return into the ring to maybe wrestle -- or maybe not.

"Could The Great One have business in Philadelphia beyond the Rumble, perhaps involving one of his upcoming blockbuster film releases? As the WWE Universe knows, the Royal Rumble Match is known for its surprise entrants and there would be no such appearance greater than the former WWE Champion, himself. Will we see The Rock appear as one of those possible surprises?"

"Or perhaps he has something else planned for the event if he does indeed show up? Does The People's Champion perhaps have unfinished business with WWE World Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar that Rock will look to resolve live tonight in Philly?"

The article runs through his "ominous" tweets since his arrival in Philadelphia and he's no stranger to the match or the event. He won the whole thing back in 2000, and he looks to be in just as good of shape now, or better.

Since The Rock tweeted out his hints about showing up at Royal Rumble, other WWE superstars responded.

As many may remember, The Rock had a run-in or two with Rusev over the past year when he appeared on Raw. This seems like a little feud that WWE wants to keep pushing and there may be an eventual payoff.

Stardust also took it upon himself to comment on The Rock possibly being at the Royal Rumble, but he did it in his own strange and unique way.

Sin Cara also joined in on the fun of teasing The Rock at the Royal Rumble, and this is all with less than three hours until the show begins.With plans seemingly still up in the air for the Royal Rumble finish and the card for WrestleMania 31, could The Rock have some spare time for a WWE feud? They could pair him up with Rusev or even surprise the world and have him win the rumble to main event Mania.

Only time will tell -- if you smell what The Rock is cooking.

[Image via WWE]