‘Fahrenheit’ Or ‘Indigo Prophecy’ Remastered Edition Appears On Amazon

A remastered edition of cult favorite Fahrenheit, also known as Indigo Prophecy in the United States, appears to be the real deal. Amazon, developer hints, and other information continue to stack up in favor of a remastered edition of Fahrenheit, the game that put developer Quantic Dream on the map and paved the way for Beyond: Two Souls and Heavy Rain, which the Inquisitr reported on as a $100 million earning for the studio.

On December 17 of 2014, Quantic Dream posted on their Facebook page that “some great news” was forthcoming in January. That was all the post said, and as many vague posts like this are want to do, great speculation from fans of the Quantic Dream studio arose across Reddit, NeoGaf, and other forums. Was it a PS4 1080p version of Beyond: Two Souls or Heavy Rain as had been heavily rumored up to this point? Was it a new title about to be revealed?

On January 20, 2015, a teaser domain entitled achingfeeling.com was launched which included a countdown with various words strewn across the page that had a similar phrasing and layout to that of an earlier title from Quantic Dream, Fahrenheit, better known in the U.S. as Indigo Prophecy.

Farhenheit Indigo Prophecy Remastered

If that wasn’t enough to convince gamers that Indigo Prophecy was being given a fresh coat of paint, then Amazon ended up spilling the beans with a post advertising Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy Remastered as developed by Aspyr, a studio that specializes in Mac ports of popular Windows and select console titles. It is also the company that owns the registration for the achingfeeling.com domain.

The page from Amazon shows the unconfirmed details on the new edition, which includes the original scenes from the game in their original, uncensored versions.

Other enhancements include “high-definition graphics — all of the in-game textures have been meticulously recreated in HD for mobile and desktop.”

Other updates for the title include full controller support and a live graphic comparison where players can switch between the original graphic mode and updated version at the press of a button much like the Halo: Master Chief Collection made popular.

The game is unlikely to see a console version as the original European release included full frontal nudity and an interactive sex scene. The game was originally released in 2005, and due to its content, the game received an AO (Adults Only) rating from the ESRB. Sony and Microsoft do not allow for AO titles on their consoles, so Quantic Dream was required to edit Fahrenheit to receive the M rating from the ESRB. This remastered version appears to be a Windows-only release via Steam, which does not require an ESRB rating for listing in the store. The title was also changed to Indigo Prophecy in the United States in order to distinguish it from the politically charged Fahrenheit 9/11 by filmmaker Michael Moore.

In a few days, we will have the final information from Quantic Dream to see if the information we have so far is just rumor or fact, but the evidence is pointing to an updated version of the cult classic that launched the career of David Cage and Quantic Dream into the limelight. Keep with the Inquisitr for more details as we learn them.

[Image Source | Quantic Dream]