December 18, 2017
Kim Kardashian 'Furious' With Beyonce, Wants To Top Her By Getting Pregnant And Posing Nude

Kim Kardashian wants to break the internet by posing nude again, and this time she wants to do it with a baby in her belly. However, Kim isn't planning on stripping down again just to see if she can top her infamous Paper magazine cover -- she also wants to prove that she can beat Beyoncé at the buzz creation game.

According to the Independent, a source close to Kim Kardashian revealed that the reality show star thinks her second pregnancy will be the "event of the year." However, Kardashian is worried that she'll have to top Beyoncé's next big baby announcement, and she's "furious" that Beyonce is dropping baby hints while she's struggling to conceive.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, Beyoncé sparked pregnancy rumors by sharing an Instagram photo of herself buried in the sand. Someone had shaped the sand over her belly to look like a big baby bump, and immediately there was speculation that the photo was Bey's creative way of announcing that she's pregnant again.

A source recently told Heat magazine that the photo has inspired Kim Kardashian -- she's trying to get pregnant ASAP so that her belly can score Beyoncé levels of attention.

"She's been joking that Bey should 'enjoy her moment' because when she and Kanye tell the world she's having another baby, it'll be 'the event of the year.'"
Beyonce made her baby news the "event of the year" in 2011 at the MTV Video Music Awards. The singer let the world know that she was pregnant with Blue Ivy by showing off her small baby bump at the end of her performance of "Love On Top."

Kim Kardashian can't use a song and dance number to announce her next pregnancy, and Kanye West will likely steal her thunder by revealing the baby news before she gets a chance to, anyway. Luckily, Kim has devised another way to draw attention to her baby bump -- she's going take the sexiest pregnancy photos ever.

"Kim is determined to not gain as much weight as she did with North because she wants to look super hot in the naked pregnant photo shoot," an insider told Radar Online.

"Convinced she is a muse for photographers and fashion editors, Kim is planning on doing the shoot for a major magazine, and isn't opposed to doing full frontal nudity."
Kanye West is reportedly 100 percent supportive of her plan.

"Kanye's saying it's what the world's been waiting for," Heat magazine's source revealed.

Unfortunately, getting pregnant again has been a struggle for Kim, and she's reportedly worried "that it's not happening" even though she and Kanye are going at it "like rabbits." But, on the plus side of things, she has plenty of time to plan that naked photo shoot.

What do you think of Kim Kardashian's plan to celebrate her next pregnancy by posing nude?

[Images via Popsugar, Getty/MTV]