WWE News: Massive Update On WWE Superstar Daniel Bryan Potentially Winning The Royal Rumble Match Tonight

WWE Superstar Daniel Bryan is back from his injury and ready to take on the world. While he is still getting adjusted to the full-time wrestling schedule, he is a huge star for WWE right now. His comeback has gotten a ton of press and he could have more fans now than he did when he left. The “Yes Movement” has only grown, and Bryan has become one of WWE’s biggest names.

WWE had no idea when Bryan would be back, so his comeback threw a monkey wrench into several plans they had already laid out.

According to Daily Wrestling News, about a month ago both Triple H and Vince McMahon had settled on Roman Reigns winning the Royal Rumble match. Now, the winner has not been completely settled on due to the rise of so many impressive WWE Superstars. Even as late as this week, WWE Creative had not decided on the winner of the Rumble match.

There is a feeling however, that Bryan is the front runner. The report also claimed that Bryan lost to Bray Wyatt this week because he will be winning the Rumble match. While is it somewhat confusing, the idea is that Wyatt can remain strong until WWE knows if he is facing The Undertaker or not. Meanwhile, it makes Bryan look down a bit, which would allow a win tonight to be bigger. The underdog winning is always considered a big deal, but making them look weaker going in helps more in some ways.

Bryan is smaller, so his size alone is not an efficient tool in the Rumble. The favorite to many is still Roman Reigns, as WWE sees him as the next golden boy. However, WWE is very big on not having a similar issue to last year. They do not want the night to end in boos as it did in 2014 when Batista won. Fans didn’t want to see it. While fans are far more behind Reigns at this point than they were Batista last year, there is still the issue of fans disapproving of a Reigns win.

Plus, WWE is in Philadelphia. This type of crowd is very difficult to please. If they do not care for something, they will certainly tell you. They booed and threw snowballs at Santa Claus, for crying out loud! They will certainly show displeasure if the wrong winner is crowned at the end of the night. The crowd is not so much WWE’s focus however, but rather how the greater population will react. Many will support a win for Bryan, but there is already growing hate for the idea of Reigns winning.

We’ll have to wait and see if Daniel Bryan does win the Rumble tonight. Either way, WWE has a lot of people to choose from this year. It makes sense that WWE has had trouble completely finalizing a winner.

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