Demi Lovato Wardrobe Malfunction: Singer Flashes Skin Not Once, But Twice

Demi Lovato is showing some major skin lately. The singer recently got a new tattoo of her family’s Roman-numeral birthdates on her side. Demi has also released a bold new video of her getting inked. In her latest video on Instagram, the “Neon Lights” singer showed a close-up of the tattoo needle drawing the Roman Numerals on her side. The video also showed an up-close and personal view of Demi’s bare skin. This video just comes a few days after Demi experienced a wardrobe malfunction at Nick Jonas’ birthday party.

Lovato’s new video is pretty intense. Some fans admitted that they couldn’t sit through the 30-second video. It looks like Lovato’s tattoo came out well. Lovato shared a photo of herself with her new tattoo after it was done. She also revealed some major skin in the photo. Lovato pulled up her black tank top, almost revealing her right breast.


Demi just suffered a wardrobe malfunction a few nights ago, according to a report on the Inquisitr. The singer forgot to keep her legs closed when entering and exiting cars in her short skirt. The paparazzi got a close-up of Demi in her black underwear as she exited a car when she accidentally opened her legs. It looks like Demi gave paparazzi the shot they needed, unfortunately.

The singer didn’t seem fazed by the wardrobe malfunction. Lovato was already wearing a low-cut, sheer black crop top and tight black skirt. She attended Nick Jonas’ party with boyfriend Wilmer Valderrama. Lovato’s boyfriend kept it chic and simple with a black blazer, blue turtleneck, and gray jeans.

According to the Daily Mail, Demi stayed close to her boyfriend all night. Demi, 22, and Wilmer, 34, looked to be very much in love still as they stood close together. The singer was also at the party to publicly thank her boyfriend for his support last year, which prevented her from relapsing back into bulimia.

Lovato reportedly shared a photo of them together backstage with the caption, “My love….Always supporting me. [sic]”

Demi hasn’t made any mentions about her wardrobe malfunctions lately. Instead, she’s been posting inspirational messages about health and fitness on her social media accounts. Demi says that she wants to keep her mind focused on following her workouts and eating right.

Demi Lovato is also busy getting ready for her Demi World Tour. She recently announced that VIP packages are available on her website. The World Tour has also expanded to Australia and New Zealand. Fans can get tickets and information at

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