Katy Perry Super Bowl 2015: Singer To Call Out Taylor Swift During Performance

Katy Perry is not ready to back down from Taylor Swift anytime soon. According to recent reports, Katy is not done feuding with Taylor and plans to call the singer out during her 2015 Super Bowl performance. Fans were hoping that the feud between Katy and Taylor was over, but it could lead all the way to the Grammys.

Swift started the feud when she released a song titled “Bad Blood” off her 1989 album. In the song, Swift takes aim at Perry for sabotaging her professional career. But some fans have been wondering if the song is really about Perry dating John Mayer. Both Swift and Perry have dipped their toes in the Mayer pool.

Katy is now taking things to another level, as she is reportedly planning to go after the “Blank Space” singer during the Super Bowl Half Time performance on February 1, according to the Christian Post. According to a January 21 report from Life and Style, Perry is going to perform her new single “She’s So Creepy” at the Super Bowl. The “Roar” singer revealed that the song is a “thinly veiled attack on Taylor Swift.”

Perry’s new song includes lyrics like, “When you speak there’s nothing there.” It also allegedly has a reference to Swift’s song “White Horse.” A source explained the song in detail to the magazine.

“The song sums up Katy’s feelings about a girl who’s a two-faced creepy. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out she’s talking about Taylor.”

The source added that Perry is planning to perform the song during the halftime show because she wants to get her feelings out about Swift.

“There’s nothing like telling millions of viewers around the world how you really feel about your nemesis. Katy’s message will be heard loud and clear.”

It sounds like Taylor already knows about the supposed song, and she’s not backing down from Katy’s attack. Taylor will counteract with a new song in time for the 2015 Grammy Awards. Recent reports claim that Taylor will take a shot back at Katy Perry during her performance at the Grammys.

But it seems like Katy has some other things to do before her big Super Bowl Half Time performance. The pop singer had to consult with some adorable puppies first. Katy shared a photo on Instagram with the caption, “V important puppy bowl meeting.” The best way to get over a feud is to hang out with some cute canines.

katy perry puppy bowl

Perry’s dog, Butters, isn’t competing in Animal Planet’s Puppy Bowl. He was there to play with the other cute dogs. Perry is planning to bring Butters and Kitty Purry along to help cheer her on at the Super Bowl Half Time Show next Sunday.

Katy seems really confident about her Super Bowl performance, and it’s not because of the fact that she gets to call out Taylor Swift. According to an Inquisitr report, Perry’s performance could be very memorable as long as she plays her popular hits.

Katy Perry is risking a lot by performing at the biggest event of the world. In the past few years, Bruno Mars and Beyonce have performed at the halftime show. Perry has some big shoes to fill, and fans are hoping she doesn’t mess it up by introducing a new song and taking a jab at Taylor Swift.

[Image by Lunchbox LP]