WWE News: Huge Name Arrives In Philadelphia Right Before ‘Royal Rumble’

This year’s Royal Rumble has brought forth more speculation and rumors than perhaps any event in the past few years. Surprise entrants have been talked about while others have been randomly pulled from the match. Now, with the day of the event arriving, a huge WWE name has landed in the city of Brotherly Love.

WrestleZone is reporting that none other than Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has arrived in Philadelphia, the site of this year’s Royal Rumble.

Sure, it’s a big city and he could be there for any number of reasons, but that’s not all. Making matters a little more interesting is that The Rock was seen at the hotel where the WWE superstars are staying while they’re in town.

He’s not hiding it much himself either, as he showed on Twitter.

There is truly no telling what reason Dwayne Johnson could be in Philadelphia, as he is a very busy man with a lot of work going on. Then again, it is kind of strange if his schedule took him to Philadelphia a mere day before one of the biggest WWE Pay-Per-View events of the year was to take place.

If he is there, could he take one of the 13 remaining spots that are still open in the Rumble match?

As of Saturday morning, there were 20 participants officially named for the match. By Saturday afternoon, there were just 17 as Justin Gabriel and Los Matadores were pulled without any explanation. Since then, it’s been revealed by Bleacher Report that Gabriel abruptly quit WWE.

Whatever the reasoning is behind Gabriel quitting and Los Matadores being taken out of the Rumble match, there are 13 open slots. Those could be filled by current WWE roster members, new arrivals, surprise returns, or WWE legends.

Talk has been going around the past week that the Royal Rumble could see the return of Rob Van Dam, Bo Dallas, Diamond Dallas Page, and others. Recent rumors even have the Dudley Boyz possibly making their return to WWE.

Right now, anything could happen and anyone could show their face on Sunday night. That includes Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock, who just so randomly happens to be in Philadelphia. One thing is certain though, and it is that the crowd will go insane if they smell what The Rock is cooking.

[Image via WWE]