George Clooney Divorce: Amal Reportedly Having Second Thoughts As George Returns To Playboy Ways

George Clooney has only been married a few months, but rumors indicate that he and wife Amal could already be headed for divorce over the actor’s reluctance to have a playboy lifestyle.

Sources close to the couple have reported trouble for weeks, including fights and jealousy. The newest report of trouble claims that the former Amal Alamuddin has realized that George will not have kids and is now second-guessing her decision to get married.

“Amal feels like this is not what she signed up for,” a source told OK! Magazine (via Celeb Dirty Laundry). “She and George had a very short courtship, and Amal thought he was this glamorous international gentleman. Now, she is seeing a different side. Four months in to the relationship, Amal is seeing a whole new George – the one who behaves like a Hollywood playboy, dated bartenders and women lie Stacey Keebler, takes Hollywood too seriously, and is more of a typical American guy than the James Bond type she thought she had married.”

Though George Clooney had a reputation in Hollywood as a swinging bachelor, he often talked about his desire to settle down and have kids.

“I think it’s the most responsible thing you can do, to have kids. I think it’s the biggest responsibility you’ll have, and it’s not something to be taken lightly,” Clooney told People magazine back in 2006. “I don’t have that thing in me that says, ‘must do it.’ I don’t see myself ever having kids. But everything in my life has changed over periods of time … and the world does change.”

But now George and Amal have drifted apart so much that insiders say divorce seems the only logical conclusion.

“She and George just aren’t going to make it,” a source told Life and Style (via Celeb Dirty Laundry). “They’ve been fighting behind closed doors — and it’s looking like the world’s most famous bachelor should have stayed a bachelor. There’s no way the marriage is going to last.”

But even as divorce rumors face George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin, there are signs that the relationship is just fine. Shortly after rumors emerged that Amal was barring George from seeing his female friends, the couple hosted a post-Christmas brunch that included many of those same people. There have also been rumors that George’s new wife may, in fact, be pregnant, with sources saying Amal was spotted with what appeared to be a baby bump.