Will Charlotte McKinney Pose Nude After Carl’s Jr. Super Bowl Ad?

Charlotte McKinney almost pulled a Kim Kardashian by breaking the internet with her nearly-nude Super Bowl ad for Carl’s Jr. However, Charlotte used a different body part to become a web sensation — because of her super-sized chest, she’s already being dubbed the next Kate Upton.

Now that all the new members of Charlotte McKinney’s quickly-expanding fan club have all drooled over her numerous Instagram bikini photos, they likely want to learn a little more about the busty babe. To give McKinney fans some insight into what the Guess model is like, a few websites have started publishing some old McKinney quotes.

Take Just Jared, for example. The site recently published a snippet from one of Charlotte McKinney’s interviews with FOX411, and it might start a major model beef. McKinney was asked what she thinks about models like Kendall Jenner and Ireland Baldwin using their famous last names to launch successful modeling careers.

“A lot of girls have been working in this industry for years, and struggling and they walk in one day because of their last name, but whatever, if people like them, then let them do it.”

Luckily, Charlotte probably won’t ever be in the same place as Kendall Jenner. The model told Esquire that she’s not trying to score the same kind of jobs that a willowy model like Kendall gets.

“I’m a curvier bombshell with big boobs. I’m not high-fashion. I don’t do runway. You won’t see me at Fashion Week.”

During her FOX411 interview, Charlotte McKinney was also asked about being compared to Kate Upton. Obviously, there are two very big reasons people compare McKinney to Upton, but the actress acted like she was oblivious to them.

“Personally, I don’t compare myself at all to her. I think we’re two totally different people but I admire her business aspect of her career, I think she’s done an amazing job.”

Now Kate and Charlotte also have something else in common: starring in sexy Carl’s Jr. Super Bowl ads. And judging from McKinney’s swimsuit photos on Instagram, she might also follow in Upton’s footsteps by scoring her own Sport’s Illustrated swimsuit edition cover.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, Charlotte McKinney’s Super Bowl ad for Carl’s Jr. isn’t really nude — it’s just cleverly edited to make it look like the model is baring it all. The controversial commercial will only air on the West Coast during the big game, but you can check out the “extended director’s cut” below.

Charlotte claims that she loves going “all-natural” (as opposed to “au naturel”) in the Super Bowl ad. But what are McKinney’s real thoughts about baring it all?

“I believe there’s a time and a place for it,” the model told FOX411. “I don’t think I’m ready for it. I’ve been asked to pose for Playboy and there’s this magazine Treats, it’s nude. I’m away from it for now unless along the line of Vogue or something amazing, but for now no.”

Charlotte McKinney might change her mind about posing nude now that her Carl’s Jr. ad is getting so much attention — she’s probably going to field some pretty huge offers to strip down.

[Image credit: Joe Wright via Instagram]