Johnny Depp, Gwyneth Paltrow, And Paul Bettany Play ‘Never Have I Ever’ On ‘Ellen’

“Never Have I Ever” is a revealing game where statements or questions are made and the group has to individually reveal if they have or have never done the action in question. It becomes even more revealing when celebrities play the game. Ellen DeGeneres played along with the three Mortdecai co-stars on Thursday’s airing of The Ellen Show.

UpRoxx notes that “Never Have I Ever” is originally a drinking game.

“In case you’ve never played the popular party drinking game, it goes something like this: a player shares something they’ve never done and the rest of the group admits to whether they have or have not done that same thing.”

Being on a talk show, each celebrity was given a paddle with one side stating “I have” and the other “I have never” instead of the customary drink. Ellen, who was playing along, would ask a question such as “Never have I ever lied during an interview. Each of the four, would then hold up their signs, showing the their answers to the audience.

Johnny Depp, Paul Bettany, and Gwyneth Paltrow revealed some hidden secrets while playing the game on The Ellen Show. Unless, they were lying, Paul and Gwyneth admitted doing so during interviews.

As NY Daily News reports, some of the questions posed were a bit more personal.

“The question that got the biggest response from the audience was when DeGeneres asked the trio if they ever joined the Mile High Club.

“After a moment, both Paltrow and Depp held up their ‘I Have’ paddles simultaneously, eliciting whoops from the audience, with DeGeneres and Bettany eventually holding up their ‘I Have’ paddles as well.”

A few of the questions were fairly innocent, asking the celebs if they had ever lied about the cuteness of a baby. Everyone, including Paltrow admitted to calling ugly babies cute. Bettany, Depp, and DeGeneres have lied to get jobs, but Paltrow hasn’t. Two of the four, Paul and Gwyneth, have used their celebrity status to get out of a speeding ticket, while Johnny and Ellen have not.

Another saucy tidbit revealed in the game was that all three Mortdecai co-stars have seen each other naked. That sounds like it was a fun movie set.

Watch the full “Never Have I Ever” game below.

Is it surprising that all four have joined the mile high club? What celebrities would you like to have seen play “Never Have I Ever?”

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