Seth Rollins Talks About Nearly Being Fired From WWE, And His Desire To Be WWE’s Top Guy

WWE superstar Seth Rollins sat down for an interview with, and in the interview Rollins revealed that he was almost fired from WWE while he was in WWE’s developmental territory in Florida. Also in the interview, Rollins reveals that he couldn’t get along with anybody, and admits that it was extremely difficult for him to accept doing things WWE’s way.

“I’d already had a set way of doing things. I know what works for me. Having to adjust that to fit what was asked of me was very difficult for me. It felt like I was selling out.

“I literally almost lost my job. I had been there for almost two years. I was very frustrated. I couldn’t get along with anyone. I thought I deserved more than I did.”

Rollins credits former WWE superstar, and the then-head trainer of NXT as the one who opened up his eyes, and possibly saved his job with WWE.

“[Joey and I] sat down and talked for a good couple hours. That was an eye-opener for me, I think, in a lot of ways, because it really felt like that was going to be it. And if I don’t do this now and make this work now, I may not get another chance.

WWE COO Triple H, who is an on-screen ally of Rollins’, is also a very strong advocate for Rollins behind the scenes, and Rollins believes that Triple H was extremely proud to have him be the very first NXT champion.

“[Triple H] said, ‘You wanted this, now you got it. Let’s go, let’s do this, let’s make this thing. I think he was proud to have me as the first NXT Champion.”

Several months ago, WWE chairman Vince McMahon appeared on “Stone Cold” Steve Austin’s podcast and called out the entire WWE locker room. McMahon said that WWE’s current generation of superstars are lacking ambition. Just a couple of weeks later, Rollins responded to McMahon, and said that he’s always been very ambitious. Below is Rollins expanding on just how ambitious he is, and saying that he doesn’t just want to be one of the top guys, but he wants to be the top guy in WWE.

“I want to be the top guy. I want to be the guy who’s hunted. It’s only going to push me and make me better than I already am. And that’s a scary thing to think about.”

Rollins will have his opportunity to become WWE’s top guy tomorrow night at the Royal Rumble. Many WWE fans believe that Rollins will walk out of the pay-per-view as the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion, which will — at least for a short time — make him WWE’s top man.

[Image via WWE]