Jellyfish Smoke Trick: Gandalf Has Nothing On This Pro

The internet is filled with stunning skills that probably wouldn’t have ever found a medium for exposure before the likes of YouTube and Reddit. Smoke tricks are definitely high on that list, as tons of people with too much time or their hands (or perhaps just natural talent for conjuring up bizarre shapes with their smoke) have been able to expose their talents to the world. One such smoke trick is the jellyfish, which you can watch a GIF of below.

YQ6U4aT - Imgur

Of course, tricks like this aren’t achievable through traditional means of smoking. The jellyfish is most likely achieved with a vaporizer or perhaps a hookah, as commenters debated on Reddit — though you can draw your own conclusions about what he’s smoking out of it. Several other impressive smoke tricks have spread across other media platforms like Vine.

Even if the jellyfish is a bit daunting for you, there some other smoke tricks that are much easier. explains how to do one that is even a step beyond your traditional smoke ring, but not quite as challenging as exhaling a jellyfish.

“Contract your mouth muscles to push rings out until you figure out how to make some O’s large, some small, some fast and some slow. This will probably take a good deal of experimentation before you get it down. Position your head so that you’re aiming at a downward angle. Blow a medium-sized, slower moving ‘O.’ It will drift upward and expand slightly as it floats up. Right before it reaches about the same level as your mouth, blow a smaller, faster moving ‘O.’ Keep practicing with the size and speed of your O’s until [your smoke trick] looks right.”