WWE News: Former WWE Champion Batista Returning To WWE At The Royal Rumble PPV?

Could history repeat itself? Could former WWE Champion Batista return to WWE soon? It looks highly likely. First, a bit of backstory. Batista left WWE over the summer due to feeling lied to as well as things going completely opposite of how he saw them. The kicker is that he signed a contract and was supposed to originally come back to WWE in the fall.

The original plan was to have Batista come in, win the Royal Rumble match, and go on to WrestleMania 30 to win the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. He would then drop the title before leaving to do press for Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy film, where he had a prominent role. Those plans were changed in a major way, however, as WWE decided to have Daniel Bryan win the WWE World Heavyweight Title, and an Evolution reunion happened instead.

The trio put over The Shield group more often than not. This was something that most likely got annoying to a man who was promised so much more than he was given. Naturally, when Batista left, a return was out of the question. At least for a little while. Additionally, he has been cast in the next James Bond film and will take part in a few Marvel movies, not to mention a few other projects. Really, Batista has a lot on his plate.

However, it appears that WWE might be bringing “The Animal” back.

A recent rumor has gone around that Batista may be appearing at the Royal Rumble this Sunday, and it seems to be supported with this photo taken from WWE Superstars on Hulu that is slowly floating around social media.


This marks the first time that Batista has appeared in any promotions. He was removed from both WWE RAW and WWE SmackDown openers as well as all promotions WWE puts out for events, which means that seeing him on the WWE Superstars Rumble promotion video is not just some sort of coincidence.

On top of that, WWE has been wanting to bring Batista back for one more match to end his career on. This would be a way of sending him off right. So WWE would most likely have him come back for the WrestleMania build up and appear at WrestleMania for a final match. However, the start of the WrestleMania build up truly begins at the Royal Rumble.

Wouldn’t it be interesting to see Batista get involved in the Royal Rumble match or even in the WWE World Heavyweight Title match in some way?

While we’re expecting the return of Randy Orton, Sheamus, and a few other surprises, Batista being back would possibly be the most shocking. No one really expects him to be there, and if not for the WWE Superstars picture, we’d never even get a hint about it.

Despite what many might think, Batista has claimed many times before that he loves the WWE. That is why he returned full-time when he was back. While fans did not take to him in his last run, it might have been due to the plans that WWE had for him that few wanted to see. If he came back for just one big match with no title involved, fans would probably be fine with it.

The main issue was that WWE wanted to give him something that many others had earned. Him walking in to take it without earning it in fans’ eyes was not cool. That is why the sea of boos happened so often with him. Whether he returns as a face or heel, he might have the run he wanted originally if he came back. While it is only a rumor for now, do not be surprised if it occurs.

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