‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Is Paul Norita Stefano DiMera’s Son?

Days of Our Lives fans went into a frenzy when a new spoiler theory was revealed online this week. Hollywood News Daily reports that some viewers of the NBC soap believe that new guy in town, Paul Norita could actually be a DiMera, and the son of one of Salem’s most villainous residents, Stefano DiMera.

The theory was first revealed on an online Facebook fan page, and viewers immediately began throwing in their opinions about the possibility of another DiMera running loose in Salem.

“Anything is possible in Salem. Especially around Stefano.”

“That would be interesting.”

“I would love for Paul to be a DiMera.”

While many thought the idea of Days of Our Lives adding another DiMera to the mix was a good idea, especially since Stefano is exiled to another country for legal reasons, and EJ was shot and killed by Clyde’s people, leaving Chad to be the only DiMera currently living in Salem, others think the amount of unknown children Stefano has already fathered is getting a little bit out of hand.

“There’s enough DiMeras.”

As many viewers know, Stefano is the father of a large brood which includes Lexi, EJ, and Tony, who are all deceased, Chad, who was also discovered to be Stefano’s offspring, and he’s even got some adopted family which includes Kristen, who may not be a DiMera by blood, but surely acts like one.

As for Paul Norita, not much is known about him just yet. He’s one of Days of Our Lives’ newest characters, and what fans do know is that he’s a professional baseball player who hurt his shoulder and came to Salem to have Dr. Daniel Jonas operate on him.

Although Paul is famous and portrays the lifestyle of a playboy and ladies man, dating models and actresses, he’s actually a closeted homosexual who used to have a serious relationship with Sonny Kiriakis before Sonny married Will Horton.

Paul and Sonny split, in large part, due to the fact that Paul did not want to come out of the closet. One of the biggest reasons for Paul hiding his sexual orientation is his Japanese mother, whom he fears would be hurt by a public outing.

Meanwhile, Paul is currently living in Salem, where he’s been running into Sonny and telling him he’d like another shot at a relationship. However, Sonny is married to Will, who has been hired to write an article about Paul, and has been trying to convince him to come out of the closet.

Unfortunately, Paul and Will got a little too close, because they ended up sleeping together, a betrayal that Will’s husband, and Paul’s former lover, Sonny has no idea about.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Will and Sonny have a rough road ahead. Their marriage will be seriously tested, and they may not come out of it together.

What are your thoughts on the possibility of Days of Our Lives’ Paul Norita being Stefano DiMera’s son?

[Image Credit: NBC]