The Evolution Of Video Games: Take A Trip Down Gaming History Lane [Video]

Many of us were born and raised during the advent of the video game era. If you didn’t play Pacman, Tetris, or Space Invaders after school, you were probably one of the “un-cool” kids (or a popular jock), and were most of the time left out during lunchtime conversations about stats and high scores.

Nevertheless, regardless of whether you actually played video games as a kid, most of you will definitely recognize some of the epic games featured in this viral video presenting the evolution of video games over the years. The video takes us to the humble beginnings of the godawful graphics of 60s and 70s video games to the most immersive RPGs of this decade. This has been presented by gaming YouTube channel PixelStormFilms. Enjoy!

Historians disagree on the very first video game actually created and launched, although some would say it was invented in 1947 and was called the Cathode Ray Tube amusement device. The ancient missile simulation’s gameplay can be seen on the video below.

Famed computer scientist Alan Turing invented one of the earliest computer games in history, a completely simulated chess program, although it was considered more as a display of machine intelligence rather than a complete video game.

One of the very first games to receive widespread success was Pong, a simple computer game released by Atari founders Nolan Bushnell and Ted Dabney. During the first few months of Pong’s release, the game has sold almost 20,000 units — a measly number compared to modern video game sales, though it was a huge deal during the dawn of commercial video games.

One of the most successful and most iconic player v. player fighting games ever released was Street Fighter, which was prominently presented in PixelStormFilm’s video. It is Capcom’s second best-selling franchise, following Mega Man, and has garnered a significant cult following over the decades.

The last video game to be presented was the GTA franchise, which founded its humble beginnings as a driving game on Playstation and PC. The latest installment of GTA has sold $1 billion worth of copies on its first three days of release.

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[Image from PixelStormFilm/Youtube]