‘Minecraft’ On PC Will Soon Be A Little More Like The Xbox, Playstation Editions

Since Minecraft was initially released on PC years before the block-filled series ever launched on home consoles, the original PC version of the game is generally updated to add new content long before any other edition of Minecraft. For example, the Xbox and PlayStation versions of the game just finally received horses through a recent update, while PC players have enjoyed the equestrian mounts in Minecraft for some time.

Similarly, almost every content feature is released first to Minecraft‘s original PC edition. Only after long periods of time have passed do subsequent title updates finally bring the new features to console platforms. By the time the content reaches Xbox and PlayStation fans, the PC version of Minecraft has already added even more features.

However, in a rare move, Minecraft‘s PC editions will soon receive a patch that will actually make the game become more like 4J Studios’ many console ports of Minecraft. Unlike most new features introduced to Minecraft, console users have actually received improved tweaks to the Ender Dragon ahead of PC players.

While discussing an upcoming PC update for Minecraft on Twitter, Mojang’s Nathan Adams revealed that the team plans to take the advanced Ender Dragon mechanics from the Xbox and PlayStation ports of the game and implement them in Minecraft‘s original PC Edition.

I am redoing the mechanics to be similar to how it is on Console Edition, but I’m taking it a step further. I have Plans

Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition

PC Gamer later reported that Adams confirmed that Minecraft PC players will soon be able to respawn the Ender Dragon at will. Additionally, the Minecraft boss monster will also likely be reworked beyond simply adding the advanced behavior currently found inside console editions. However, Mojang isn’t quite ready to reveal what they have in store just yet.

At the same time that Minecraft is getting updated on PC to add features first introduced in the consoles editions, 4J Studios has also released a new patch to fix a number of issues in the Xbox and PlayStation versions of the voxel title, as reported by the Inquisitr. The minor download is intended to fix a series of bugs that were introduced in Minecraft‘s previously released console update.

After launching first on PC, Minecraft first became available to console players in 2012 after its Xbox 360 release. Nearly three years later, the original PC version of the game is now beginning to borrow game systems that were introduced first on Minecraft‘s console editions. As each version of the game benefits from one another, the sandbox creation title proves that it continues to innovate on every platform.

[Images via Microsoft Studios Blog, 4J Studios]