Is Real-Life Hawkeye Lars Andersen Lying About Archery? [Video]

Obsession is often one of the biggest driving forces behind progress, and nowhere is that more apparent than the archery skills of Lars Andersen, who uses his bow and arrow while in rapid motion just like Marvel superhero Hawkeye. Andersen probably wouldn’t like the Hawkeye comparison, considering he claims to have spent years of devoted historical study to surpass the typical Hollywood interpretation of archery.

But a Reddit thread has cautioned not to quite start calling Andersen Hawkeye yet. While his tricks may be impressive, it appears his historical research is severely lacking. Users tore apart the historical inaccuracies in Lars’ archery video, particularly the instances where he appears to chiding Hollywood for warping the art of archery when, in reality, his own video seems to be doing the same.

“The video seems to talk about ‘archers’ as though a there is one kind of archer. In reality there are many types of historical archery, just like there are many types of historical fencing. Different types of archery have different uses and aims. Basically what the video seems to claim is that Western archers have ‘forgotten’ forms of archery that they never used.”

Whether or not you want to cite it in your next research paper, Lars Andersen’s archery video is pretty entertaining. It’s also probably the closest you’ll get to a Hawkeye movie for at least a little while, the Inquisitr previously reported.