One Direction Hacked? Sony Music Apologizes To Popular British Boy Band

One Direction will have to brace themselves for the Sony email hack after all. The boy band is reportedly on edge as their personal information and embarrassing details were reportedly leaked online after the North Korean hackers threatened Sony Music to publish the private emails. The possibility of One Direction being hacked was hinted last month, but it looks like it’s about to happen anytime soon.

According to several reports, CEO Michael Lynton of Sony Music have already apologized to One Direction. Sony’s top executives are also offering a “blanket apology” to all of the musicians affected by the email hack. One Direction and other musicians could face their fears of their personal information getting out.

Sony’s movie division was recently hacked last month in retaliation for the controversial movie The Interview, which mocked the assassination of Kim Jong Un. But now it looks like it’s hitting pop acts like One Direction, Adele, Beyonce, and Meghan Trainor. Some are worried about their salaries, contracts, health records, and personal information being leaked out onto the internet. Some of the information could ruin One Direction and other pop stars.

Other popular artists like David Bowie, Bruce Springsteen, and Barbara Streisand are targeted as well. An insider mentioned that there’s a lot of information to be found. One Direction and other musicians have a reason to feel on edge at the moment.

“There is a terrible amount of stress in Sony about what the hackers have found. Already personal information about many of their movie stars including passport details, the pseudonyms they use and health records have been leaked.”

“They found it hugely embarrassing when the hackers revealed the email in which Angelina Jolie was called a ‘minimally talented spoiled brat’ in one company exchange.”

“Bosses now fear similar details have been hacked on their music stars including the demands each artists makes while on tour. There is a lot of nervousness at Sony HQ.”

Big stars like One Direction have a lot to lose if their personal information does become public. The boy band’s career is based on their public image. One Direction’s image is also perceived by their fans and their fans’ parents, though One Directioners are usually supportive of the British musicians.

One Direction was already hit with a scandal last summer. A video of Louis Tomlinson and Zayne Malik leaked onto the internet last summer, according to Unreality TV. The video showed the popular One Direction heartthrobs smoking a joint and making racist remarks.

According to a recent report on the Inquisitr, the hackers claimed that Sony Music and CEO Michael Lynton were working on a “top-secret project” since late last year. They’re planning to sell off their music publishing division Sony/ATV. It’s uncertain what that means for One Direction and other artists, but it can’t be good news.

If the details of One Direction’s salaries and recording contract do leak, it may be an embarrassing experience for both the boy band and Sony Music.

[Image Eva Rinaldi via Creative Commons]