Foo Fighters: New Song, New Band?

While performing in Chile recently, Foo Fighters front man Dave Grohl turned an impromptu crowd reaction into a new Foo Fighters song, proving once again he’s one of the best-loved guys in rock and roll and has a talent for improvisation. Meanwhile, bassist Nate Mendel has released the first single from from his new band’s forthcoming album, “Believe the Squalor.”

The Foo Fighters seem to be keeping themselves pretty busy these days, with touring and side projects.

During the Foo Fighters‘ performance in Chile, Grohl was impressed when fans began singing one of the band’s songs before the singer had a chance to perform it himself. After telling the crowd no one else ever does that, the fans began a chant of “Ole, Ole, Ole! Chile, Chile!”

Grohl began playing a guitar riff along with the chant, with the rest of the Foo Fighters joining in before Grohl finally sang along, making it a fully rocked-out version.

“We’ve got a new Foo Fighters song. I like it.”

Check out the Foo Fighters rendition of the Chilean chant in the video. (NSFW language.)

In other Foo Fighters news, bassist Nate Mendel has a new band called Lieutenant, where he serves as the vocalist as well as bass guitarist. The band’s debut album is scheduled for a March 10 release and titled If I Kill This Thing We’re All Going To Eat For A Week.

If you don’t want to wait till March for a sample, the “Believe the Squalor” track has been released on Soundcloud on the Dine Alone Records page, but you can listen to it here.

While there are no reports of Dave Grohl making a guest appearance on Lieutenant’s album, Mendel has lined up his fair share of guests: Modest Mouse’s Joe Plumber, Helmet’s Page Hamilton, Josiah Johnson of the Head and the Heart, and Jeremy Enigk from Mendel’s other band, Sunny Day Real Estate. Chris Shiflett, of the Foo Fighters, also helps out his band mate on the new album.

The Foo Fighters are currently on their Sonic Highways tour, playing South American dates in January before moving down under to New Zealand and Australia through March, than launching the rest of the overseas leg of this year’s tour. The Foo Fighters return to the United States July 4 in Washington, D.C., to launch their summer American tour.

What do you think of the track by Mendel’s new band, Lieutenant? Do you like it as much as the Foo Fighters?

[Official band photo via MTV]